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Most Visited Luxury Destinations Around the World Published by Custom Travel Map App, Visited

by Ohio Digital News

Most visited luxury cities list have been published by the travel app, Visited. The personalized travel map app, allows international travelers to check off luxury destinations that they have been to or wish to visit in the future. Providing users with customized travel stats and travel map.

Visited App, the popular travel app, releases the Top 15 Most Visited Luxury Destinations list is published by Arriving In High Heels Corp. The Custom travel map app, Visited is an app that allows users to map their travels by countries, states, cities and places of interest. Other features include the travel list where users can check off places of interest or experiences that they have done or want to do, based on different travel categories. With over 150 travel lists, users do not only check off those places but also can add them to their wish-list and see their travel stats. 

The ultimate luxury travel list, is found inside the Visited app, available to download on iOS or Android for free. The most visited luxury destination list includes: 

  1. Paris, France
  2. London, England
  3. Barcelona, Spain
  4. Amsterdam, Holland
  5. New York City, United States

“These destinations have everything a luxury traveler will want from world class shopping to five plus star hotels, interesting sights and an ultimate culinary experience. It is also interesting to note, that US has 4 out of the top 15 luxury destinations around the world.” Said founder, Anna Kayfitz. 

For a full list of Luxury Destinations and other travel lists, download Visited on iOS or Android

About Visited Travel App

Visited is a personalized travel map app, whose mission is to help travelers remember their travels and inspire new memories. The travel app, allows users to map their travels by country, region or city level. Print a personalized travel map,  of their past or future travels for themselves or as a gift.  The travel list feature allows users to check of places and experiences, they have been or wish to visit. As well as providing customized travel stats based on their own bucket-lists. Finally, the app also acts to inspire to visit new places throughout the app, including itinerary feature which ranks countries based on number of travel experiences and places of interest, users wish to visit. 

The travel app is available in 30 languages and is available on iOS or Android, and is free to download.

To learn more about the Visited app and its latest feature update, please visit https://visitedapp.com.

About Arriving In High Heels Corporation
Arriving In High Heels Corporation is a mobile app company with apps including Pay Off Debt, X-Walk and Visited, their most popular app. 

Visited app has travel stats that are unique to the travel industry with a sample of travel stats reported on their annual travel report.  

Source: Arriving In High Heels Corporation

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