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Fellaz Announces Grant Funding From the Arbitrum Foundation

by Ohio Digital News

Fellaz, a global pioneer in Web3 entertainment and an exclusive Web3 partner to a growing list of the industry’s top IP holders in Pan-Asian entertainment markets and global music sectors, proudly announces receiving designated grant funding from The Arbitrum Foundation for its upcoming service, an NFT solution for an immersive entertainment experience.

Among its key features is an initial NFT offering service, designed to support both new and established entertainment projects. This service will enable artists and creators to provide unique, blockchain-based digital assets, providing fans with an exclusive way to connect with their favorite entertainers and content.

Additionally, Fellaz plans to integrate its in-house Web3 solutions with globally recognized music and fandom events. The focus is not just on digital entertainment; Fellaz is also developing IRL experiences that blend the physical and digital worlds, offering a new paradigm for entertainment consumption.

The strategic partnership with Abritrum marks a significant milestone for Fellaz in its mission to catalyze the growth of Web3 immersive entertainment. Arbitrum recognized as the premier Layer 2 (L2) scaling solution for Ethereum, commands the highest Total Value Locked (TVL) among all L2 networks, approximately $10 billion, accounting for a 48% market share. The Arbitrum Foundation is also known for its dedication to fostering the growth of the Arbitrum network and its partners, leading the way towards blockchain adoption.

“This grant is a testament to our commitment and vision in the Web3 space,” said Ricky Ow, CEO at Fellaz. “With the support of The Arbitrum Foundation, we are poised to redefine the entertainment industry, leveraging the power of blockchain and the Arbitrum ecosystem to enhance fan experiences and engagement.”

About Fellaz

Headquartered in Singapore, Fellaz is at the forefront of the Web3 entertainment revolution. Through its treasury program supporting cutting-edge immersive entertainment projects, NFT-based membership programs, and strategic global operations, Fellaz offers a new blueprint for the future of global entertainment.

For a deeper dive into Fellaz’s vision and initiatives: Website | Twitter | Discord | Telegram | Whitepaper | CoinMarketCap

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