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Shockoe Shares Insights at Leading Marketing AI Conference

by Ohio Digital News

The full-service digital experience team brings industry-leading expertise to the AI conversation, focusing on the future of the customer journey and user experience.

Shockoe, a forward-looking digital experience shop, will join marketing leaders from around the world at the Brand Innovator’s AI for Brand Marketers Summit. During the three-day event, Shockoe will moderate two fireside chats with industry innovators on the future of marketing, and the important role AI will play.

As an award-winning mobile app development agency, Shockoe works with the biggest brands across industries to create powerful brand stories that move the needle with users and drive revenue. From apps and wearables to the latest emerging technology like generative AI and augmented reality, Shockoe’s team has pushed the boundaries of what’s possible. During the AI for Brand Marketers Summit, the Shockoe team plans to share its expertise on the power of technology in brand storytelling and engagement.

“Marketers are grappling with an AI-powered future just like every other industry, but the potential for AI in both brand marketing and mobile development is nearly limitless,” said Mike Dayton, Chief Growth Officer of Shockoe. “At Shockoe, we envision a future of AI that emphasizes hyper-personalization, boosts team productivity, and explores new creative possibilities in development and design.”

The team behind Shockoe is also focused on developing the latest digital experiences using AI to lower the cost of app development and improve the speed of creating custom solutions. From retail and grocery to sports and entertainment, Shockoe remains committed to building the future today.

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About Shockoe:

Shockoe is an acclaimed app and digital experience agency at the forefront of innovation across mobile, wearables, AI, and immersive experiences. Their mission is to empower brands to create impactful digital experiences that deeply connect with users. From Strategy to Design, Development, and Analytics & Measurement, Shockoe’s diverse team leverages proprietary tools to swiftly build quality customized solutions. Trusted by global brands, including 10% of Fortune 500s, Shockoe has developed over 100 custom apps that foster loyalty, track consumer behavior, and drive tangible results.

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