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Utokia Herb Co Announces Online Launch: Where Fantasy Meets Cannabis With Collectible Trading Cards

by Ohio Digital News

Escape the Ordinary With a Unique Blend of High-Quality Cannabis Products and Fantastical Storytelling: Unlock the Nerd Inside

Utokia Herb Co, expands online with the ingenious new venture by Holly Hillyer, an eight-year veteran in the regulated cannabis industry. Drawing upon her extensive marketing expertise, Hillyer has conceived a unique approach that couples high-quality cannabis products with engaging storytelling to offer an unrivalled consumer experience, promising to instill a sense of wonder and exploration.

Utokia’s product range is vast and varied from top-tier Magic Gummies to Catnip Joints. The buzz isn’t solely around the products, but also their whimsical packaging — each product comes with collectible trading cards, offering customers a glimpse into the mystical World of Utokia. With this fascinating touch, Utokia not only sells a product but also a shared adventure.

A particular highlight in Utokia’s lineup is the Hemp CBD prerolls. True to the company’s distinct brand strategy, these are not just any prerolls but strain-specific and curated joints hand-selected by Holly herself. Alongside these prerolls are Utokia’s Magic Gummies — Effect-Formulated confections available in a variety of flavors like sour apple and huckleberry, tailored to provide the perfect balance to a user’s everyday adventure.

The company’s playful, innovative approach extends to philanthropy as well. A heart-warming $0.50 from each sale of its quirky Catokia Catnip Joints (a weed-themed cat toy) is donated to the Cat Adoption Team, an Oregon-based no-kill cat shelter, underlining the brand’s commitment to sharing good vibes all around, even with our furry friends.

Utokia is looking for artists to help bring the creatures and characters of the World of Utokia to life. “We want the community to help craft the creative direction of Utokia. We aspire to be a brand that involves its customer in the creative journey. Utokia at its core is meant to celebrate imagination and exploration. We are inspired by role-playing games (RPGs), fantasy fiction and open-world video games. We want to create a vibrant and immersive world for our customers to explore and we believe that the best way to do that is to collaborate with artists from all walks of life,” said Hillyer.

This fresh take on cannabis is inspired by Hillyer’s belief that cannabis can be more than just a product — it is an enriching experience. She says, “Our goal is to redefine what cannabis can be by infusing it with creativity, quality, and a touch of magic.” Hillyer, through her latest venture, aims to redefine the perception of cannabis, transforming it towards normalization.

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