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CannaVinus Launches the Perfect Wine Pairing for the Cannabis Lover

by Ohio Digital News

An Adult Zero-Proof Sparkling Wine Crafted with Refreshing and Sensory-enhancing Ingredients

Premium Blend announced the launch of their adult zero-proof sparkling wine beverage, CannaVinus® 0%, a revolutionary dealcoholized wine that transcends traditional wine boundaries, offering a unique experience for the cannabis aficionados. This full sparkling wine contains ingredients such as mint and elderberry, resulting in an invigorating symphony for the senses. 

CannaVinus® distinguishes itself in the beverage industry by crafting a drink that undergoes a specialized dealcoholization process, ensuring that every sip delivers pure delight without the intoxicating effects. Cannavinus was designed as the ultimate wine pairing to complement the experience of cannabis consumption with its natural terpenes and refreshing effervescence.

“CannaVinus® was born out of a vision to offer consumers the perfect zero-proof sparkling wine pairing for cannabis users that can uplift their mood in social settings and enhance the overall experience,” said Gino Santos, Premium Blend Co-Founder.

“Our expert winemakers developed CannaVinus® using a base of Spanish sparkling wine and put it through a dealcoholization process. Because the wine has been dealcoholized, the product provides a unique opportunity for consumers to purchase CannaVinus® without any restrictions,” said Henry Santos, Premium Blend Co-Founder

CannaVinus® seamlessly integrates the essence of natural terpenes including limonene, caryophyllene, and pinene into its dealcoholized sparkling wine, offering therapeutic properties such as stress relief, anti-inflammatory effects and enhanced mood, mirroring the beneficial aspects of cannabis without overshadowing its effects. 

The beverage is available in a 750-ml champagne corked bottle or the convenient single-serve 200-ml champagne split. To purchase CannaVinus®, customers can visit the CannaVinus® website at https://cannavinus.com and order directly from there.

In addition to CannaVinus®, Premium Blend offers a portfolio of low-alcohol wine-based liquor alternatives, including sangrias, premium mixes, and ready-to-drink cocktails.

About CannaVinus®

CannaVinus® Alcohol Free 0% is a dealcoholized wine that was created to serve as the perfect pairing for the Cannabis lover by offering a sparkling wine that contains ingredients including terpenes such as myrcene and limonene to provide anti-inflammatory and mood-enhancing effects.

To learn more about Premium Blend beverages, download recipes and view videos, visit www.PremiumBlend.com.

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