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Arkana Laboratories Breaks Ground on Building Renovation

by Ohio Digital News

Arkana Laboratories, a leading provider of esoteric pathology laboratory services, held a groundbreaking ceremony to mark a major renovation of its headquarters building on Wednesday, March 27. The renovation will include a complete overhaul of the building’s interior and exterior, as well as the construction of a 10,000-square-foot addition on the building.

Arkana announced construction will begin in late April for the renovation project at its West Little Rock location on Executive Center Drive. The project is expected to take 25 months to complete and will be overseen by Nabholz Construction.

“The addition to our laboratory along with the renovation of our office spaces will allow Arkana to continue its persistent growth in a more efficient environment. With this added space, we will be able to offer our world-class diagnostic services to even more patients and clinicians across the country while making space for more jobs locally,” said Chief Operations Officer Aaron Nichols.

The renovation project is part of Arkana’s commitment to investing in its employees and the local community. The company has been headquartered in Little Rock for 23 years and employs more than 185 people.

“We are proud to be a part of the Little Rock community and we are committed to investing in our employees and the local economy,” said Denise Norwood, Chief Marketing Officer. “This renovation project is just one example of our commitment to that.”

About Arkana Laboratories

Arkana Laboratories is a center for esoteric pathology focused on one thing: improving care for patients. We are a learning, teaching, innovating practice with a mission to advance understanding of disease and provide world-class diagnostics that aids in our work toward research breakthroughs.

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