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Whalen Global Advisors Releases New Bank Indices

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Whalen Global Advisors has released three new bank index products that focus on the top performing US banks. The Indices track and feature the top 10, 25 and 50 publicly traded banks in Peer Group 1, as defined by the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC)

“Unlike traditional price-weighted indices which are biased toward larger stocks, the WGA Bank Indices employ a pure constituent weighting system to ensure that the highest scoring banks have the greatest impact on the Indices regardless of size,” notes WGA Chairman Christopher Whalen. “By using the individual bank scores for weighting the index components, we boost the importance of the righteous banks. The performance of the Indices speaks for itself.”


The constituents of the WGA Bank Indices are self-selected based upon WGA’s proprietary measures of financial performance and market returns. Each bank essentially picks itself in a census based upon the institution’s market and financial performance. Wall Street has historically used price for weighting indices because cash is honest. Higher prices have higher weights. But many passive indices include inferior performers. 

“Going back several decades to our work at Institutional Risk Analytics, we have always believed that banks should vote for themselves in terms of performance each quarter,” Whalen notes. “With the Bank Indices, we have married market returns with financial performance to give investors that choice. Our WGA Bank Indices clearly show the returns available to investors by focusing on the banks with superior market and operating performance characteristics,” he adds.

WGA will be offering the indices for license by institutional investors for use as the foundation of a custom-built financial instrument, to understand specific market trends, or to gain a better understanding of trends in the banking industry.

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Whalen Global Advisors LLC (WGA) is a New York-based consulting, risk analytics and publishing company that focuses on financial institutions and global markets. WGA publishes The Institutional Risk Analyst (ISSN 2692-1812), including commentary on the capital markets, industry reports and company profiles. For additional information, please contact us at: info@theinstitutionalriskanalyst.com

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