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Texas Innovation Hub The Cannon Pioneers Community-as-a-Service Digital Platform, Acquires Village Insights

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Cannon Connect expands online community for global entrepreneurs and established businesses

Greater Houston startup and innovation sector leader, The Cannon, announced the completion of its December 2023 acquisition of Village Insights, a turnkey ecosystem management software company. Houston-based Village Insights, founded in 2020, builds tailored, centralized platforms for the management of and engagement with stakeholders, customers or a community of users.

Village Insights partnered with The Cannon to create and launch Cannon Connect, a digital platform developed to support entrepreneurs, member companies and organizations across The Cannon’s physical and virtual communities, locally and globally. Cannon Connect provides collaboration and  strategic networking opportunities that complement member programs offered at The Cannon’s seven, physical flex-space locations, including its 120,000-square-foot West Houston headquarters, situated at the 30-acre Founders District.

“The Cannon’s hub network stretches from The Woodlands to Galveston across the 13-county region, with a membership base of over 900 companies and 3,000 employees,” said Jon Lambert, CEO of The Cannon. “The digital extension of our physical footprint brings comprehensive innovation and business development support to communities that need it the most. Cannon Connect’s virtual-connection capabilities stand to remarkably expand our universe of ecosystem opportunities.”

As part of the equity transaction, the Village Insights core leadership team members have assumed supporting roles related to growth and expansion of The Cannon and Cannon Connect platform.

“The combined commitment to support innovation communities—large and small—is evident,” said Village Insights former CEO, Andrew Ramirez. “Village Insights and The Cannon merged to align efforts and cultivate regional and global innovation communities. Alignment of our value propositions represents a significant leap forward for the populations that we serve.”

The acquisition strengthens The Cannon’s offering as the first and only “physical-digital hybrid” innovation ecosystem platform provider. Cannon Connect’s virtual community broadens access to existing Cannon member resources, which include a multi-sector business advisor network, strategic planning tools, business educational materials, fund-sourcing support, and more. 

“The integration of a world-class onsite member experience and Cannon Connect’s superior virtual resource network creates a seamless, streamlined environment for member organizations,” said Clemmie Martin, The Cannon’s newly appointed Chief of Staff. “Cannon Connect and this acquisition pave pathways to access and success for all.”

About The Cannon 
The Cannon, headquartered in Houston, Texas, provides physical and digital innovation infrastructure that supports global entrepreneurship and business development, via collaboration among startups, established companies, advisors and investors across seven physical locations and three virtual hubs.

About Cannon Connect
Cannon Connect is a community platform focused on expansion of digital and social infrastructure to support entrepreneurship and innovation.

It extends access to The Cannon’s internal team and resources, partners and a continuously updated, best-in-class business growth toolkit.

About Village Insights
Village Insights is an ecosystem management software firm that provides a centralized platform for stakeholder or customer management and community engagement. It was acquired by The Cannon in December 2023.

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