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ICS.cx Becomes Leading Choice for Contact Center Solutions

by Ohio Digital News

As consumers’ focus on customer experience (CX) grows, businesses seek reliable, comprehensive, and cost-effective ways to improve service.

Customer experience is the new competitive landscape. Consulting giant PwC found that three-quarters of consumers rate customer service as important in their purchasing decisions, and one-third will abandon a preferred brand after one bad customer experience.

Another recent survey found businesses naming customer experience as their top priority, above pricing and product, for the third consecutive year. With those high stakes, businesses seeking the best customer service solutions have turned to ICS.cx, a four-time winner of the NICE Business Partner of the Year award.

ICS.cx has been an innovator in state-of-the-art customer experience (CX) systems since its founding in 2007, expanding from call recording to all aspects of contact center management. ICS.cx designs, installs, and supports CX solutions for more than 1,000 contact centers supporting more than 100,000 agents, and has consulted for 26 companies in the Fortune 500.

“We believe that ICS.cx has become the choice for CX because of our empathetic approach,” said Ken Kiernan, president and co-founder.

“We want to know you, so we can deliver not necessarily the most elaborate system but the system you need to reach your goals. And we provide the implementation and training to make sure it’s adopted correctly,” Kiernan said.

ICS.cx is an award-winning solution integrator for contact center as a service (CCaaS), with solutions including staff augmentation, sentiment analysis, digital self-service, and voice authentication. Its system also delivers performance management with a gamification experience for agents and tools to reduce costs, improve customer service, and enhance corporate value.

After implementation, ICS.cx also provides contact center IT maintenance, including 24/7 support, with its teams of certified and experienced engineers. ICS.cx holds ISO 27001 certification, signifying its expertise in managing data security risks and its adherence to best practices.

ICS.cx also assists clients in optimizing contact center efficiency and reducing labor costs. Its workforce optimization (WFO) solutions enhance productivity by improving employee scheduling. The ICS.cx solutions for WFO also promote fair and transparent scheduling, which increases employee engagement and satisfaction, improves retention, and reduces turnover.

IEX in the ICS Cloud is the company’s market-leading enterprise workforce management (WFM) solution, providing AI forecasting, fast deployment, and unrivaled uptime. ICS.cx also provides its unique call extraction solution, which exports calls in a wave format for archiving, playback, and compliance, and offers hybrid cloud recording for contact centers.

“At ICS.cx, we see ourselves as your ‘customer experience heroes,’” Kiernan said. “That’s because we deliver what you need to solve the customer experience challenges that face you.”

ICS.cx is a partner of leading technology providers, including ConvergeOne, FrontlineCX, InConcert, Interaction Insight Corporation, LiveVox, MiaRec, NICE, Talkdesk, and Wilmac Technologies.

To learn more about ICS.cx, visit https://www.ics.cx.

About ICS.cx
Since its founding in 2007, ICS.cx has excelled in state-of-the-art customer experience systems and now serves all aspects of contact center management, including legal, reporting, and compliance requirements. ICS.cx has installed and supported solutions as large as 6,000 seats for financial, insurance, healthcare, consumer products, and other companies dedicated to superior customer experiences. ICS.cx has the knowledge to reduce operational costs, improve productivity, and contribute to a company’s brand value. ICS.cx designs, installs, and supports CX solutions, driving customer engagement and encouraging agents through best-in-class AI, omnichannel, and automation solutions.

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