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An Evening of Gospel and Giving: Lena Byrd-Miles Headlines Fundraiser at Oakland’s Temple Hill

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Gospel music sensation Lena Byrd-Miles is set to light up the stage at the iconic Temple Hill in Oakland, bringing an extraordinary evening of music, spirit, and community support on January 20, 2024. In a special partnership with the Interfaith Council of Alameda County (ICAC), this much-anticipated event aims to raise funds for critical community needs, including support for kidney transplant recipients and addressing homelessness.

A Homecoming Concert with a Heart

Oakland’s own Lena Byrd-Miles returns to her roots for an inspiring performance at Temple Hill, a venue revered for its cultural and spiritual significance. This event marks not just a musical homecoming for Lena but also a powerful initiative to give back to the community that has shaped her. Her soul-stirring gospel music, known for its depth and emotion, promises to offer an unforgettable experience for attendees.

Joining Forces for the Greater Good

The concert, titled “An Evening of Gospel and Giving,” features a stellar lineup, including the renowned Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir and the dynamic Destined2Dance. Together, they amplify the message of hope and unity. This gathering is more than a concert; it’s a communal act of kindness and solidarity.

A Call to Action

ICAC’s mission to serve the diverse faith traditions in Alameda County converges with Lena’s passion for music and community service, creating a synergy that benefits those in need. The funds raised will directly contribute to ICAC’s ongoing efforts in improving community health and safety, and in providing essential services to vulnerable populations in Alameda County.

Tickets and More

Tickets for “An Evening of Gospel and Giving” are available at TempleHill.org. Each ticket purchase is a step towards making a tangible difference in the lives of many, offering support where it’s needed most.

A Night to Remember

Lena Byrd-Miles, with her rich, gospel heritage and commitment to community upliftment, invites everyone to be part of this special night. It’s an opportunity to enjoy soulful music while contributing to meaningful causes. Let’s come together to celebrate the power of community, faith, and music in creating a better world. Lena’s innate comedic prowess and infectious laugh draws you in, but her compassion for mankind will cause you to appreciate her heart.

About Lena Byrd-Miles

Lena Byrd-Miles, a native of Oakland, is celebrated for her powerful gospel vocals and her deep connection to faith and community. Her music transcends boundaries, touching hearts and inspiring many.

About the Interfaith Council of Alameda County

The Interfaith Council of Alameda County dedicates itself to fostering mutual respect and cooperation among diverse faith communities, while actively addressing social issues within Alameda County.

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