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Spectrio Highlights Significant Growth and Innovation Achievements in 2023

by Ohio Digital News

A broadened solutions suite that includes richer content options, a strategic move into AI, and the opening of a customer-focused design and demonstration center all reflect a remarkable 2023 for digital signage technology services provider Spectrio.

Bringing its market-leading full-service capabilities full circle, Spectrio added AI capabilities to its solutions suite this summer with the acquisition of venue analytics company InReality. The insights generated by AI-driven technology allow operators to anonymously measure and characterize consumer behaviors and optimize everything from content programming to screen positioning – helping drive store performance.

The strategic acquisition of InReality complements Spectrio’s technology stack, which includes modern, digital signage CMS software, content production, overhead music, on-hold messaging, scent marketing, and Wi-Fi marketing.

Heavily committed to customer needs, Tampa Bay-based Spectrio launched several applications in 2023 that are designed to streamline end-user workflows and the methods for getting timely and relevant content to screens:

  • Content Library – a wide range of time and cost-saving, ready-to-use content for screens, ranging from industry-specific material to more general pieces that are relevant across any screen;
  • HDMI Passthrough – enabling the display of live TV and HDMI-connected content;
  • IPTV Live Stream – allowing customers to showcase IPTV content on LAN-connected screens;
  • Power BI Integration – an app that securely and automatically displays public and private reports that inform employees and customers.

In 2023, Spectrio moved into a new head office space in Tampa, FL. The facility includes a design center and showroom that allows customers and prospects to see working, contextual examples of Spectrio technology at work. The design showroom incorporates demonstration technology contributed by several Spectrio hardware partners, including Samsung, Sony, PPDS (Philips), Zutek, and iTEC Technology Integrators. 

Consistent with Spectrio’s culture and desire to support the communities in which the team works, Spectrio selected St. Jude, Autism Foundation, Adopt a Classroom, and First Book to support throughout the year. The choice of these underscores the company’s dedication to giving back to society and aligning its corporate values with philanthropic actions.  

Recognizing the value of the team and their development, Spectrio also initiated a comprehensive training program, resulting in more than 7,600 hours of learning for team members. Notably, seven percent of the team earned promotions in recognition of their professional growth.

Looking ahead to 2024, Spectrio has a detailed, tech-forward development roadmap that, quarter by quarter, will add more functionality to its range of solutions. The company plans to expand its workforce in the Tampa Bay area and will continue to provide businesses with the kinds of market-leading engagement technologies that drive client business goals.

Spectrio’s approach for the coming year underscores an unwavering, company-wide commitment to forging close partnerships with customers, learning from their feedback, and proactively meeting ever-evolving product development needs. 

Spectrio is a leading provider of digital signage systems, offering systems to enhance customer engagement. With a commitment to customer focus and excellence, Spectrio continues to contribute to the evolution of the digital signage industry.

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