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Global AI: Pioneering the AI Investment and Acquisition Landscape

by Ohio Digital News

  • Led by leading Tech Entrepreneurs and backed by European family offices
  • Focus on advancing generative AI, deep learning, and computer vision.
  • Commitment to ethical AI development and societal benefits.
  • Recent strategic agreements and active pursuits for additional acquisitions.

Global AI, Inc. (OTC: WSCO), committed to shaping the future of the artificial intelligence sector, unveiled its strategic plan today, emphasizing its team’s pivotal role in driving industry innovation. Specializing in strategic investments, acquisitions, and advanced research and development, the company is redefining the industry’s approach to the evolution, integration, and advancement of AI technologies.

Abhinav “Abe” Somani, CEO of Global AI, details the company’s approach: “Leading the AI evolution is our primary goal, and our team’s extensive expertise is central to this mission. We focus on investing in and partnering with companies that are at the forefront of AI innovation, especially in generative AI, deep learning, and computer vision. Our strategy is designed to empower founders and entrepreneurs, offering an efficient alternative to traditional venture capital and a direct path to liquidity.”

Highlighting the Global AI team’s capabilities, he adds, “Our investment in AI technology is underpinned by our team’s unparalleled industry experience and dedication to the future. With a strong commitment to ethical AI development, we aim to make a significant societal impact. We’re integrating AI into various sectors to enhance life and business, supported by a team that’s deeply knowledgeable about both the AI industry and the financial landscape.”

The Global AI team has a track record of growing AI technology companies over the past decade and is led by Somani who has a background as a serial tech entrepreneur after spending many years in investment banking and private equity working for firms like Rothschild and ICV Partners. The team is backed by two European family offices and combines a wealth of pragmatic experience in the nascent AI sector along with strong financial acumen and a deep understanding of capital markets. 

The company has signed two letters of intent, with expected completion in Q1 2024, and is concurrently evaluating four additional acquisition opportunities.

Global AI, Inc. was previously known as Wall Street Media Co. Inc. and currently trades with the ticker symbol WSCO and has applied for a ticker symbol change to GLAI following regulatory approval. For more information on Global AI, please visit www.global.ai.

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