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Stark County Common Pleas Court Selects equivant’s Flagship CMS to Simplify Justice for All

by Ohio Digital News

equivant announced today that Stark County Common Pleas Court (All Divisions) and the Stark County Clerk of Court office have selected the equivant JWorks CMS to boost efficiency and effectiveness in their office and improve access to justice in the community.

The Court and the Clerk went through a strenuous procurement process and are excited about the opportunity to install a modern state-of-the-art system.

“The Court is eager to partner with equivant and their team to implement a secure electronic case management system that is both user-friendly and efficient.” – Judge Chryssa Hartnett 

“The Judges of the Common Pleas General Division look forward to continued collaboration with the County Commissioners, Clerk of Courts, Family Court, Probate Court, and the County IT Center as we implement the new case management system.” – Judge Natalie Haupt 

“This exciting and ambitious project will make the justice system move much quicker, simpler, and save the taxpayers money, which is a great goal.” – Judge Frank Forchione 

JWorks is a fully tailorable solution built for the modern court. Justice Agencies can automate all clerk and court operations without hardcoded features that obstruct business processes, freeing up time and allowing court officials to zero in on the most important tasks. In addition to improved efficiency within the court itself, the entire community will benefit from the responsive design and community portal access. JWorks was built to be configurable, mobile, and accessible while adapting to the evolving needs of court systems. 

For more information on equivant case management and public-facing software solutions, please visit www.equivant.com

About equivant 

equivant delivers innovative solutions to simplify justice by boosting efficiency, streamlining processes, and improving communication in courts and justice agencies. Over a span of four decades, equivant’s deep domain knowledge and modern technologies developed by expert practitioners have supported more than 350+ justice agencies in serving their communities efficiently, effectively, and equitably.

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