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SeeDevice Recognized With Three Consecutive Awards for Outstanding Leadership and Innovative Technology

by Ohio Digital News

  • 20 Most Innovative Business Leaders to Watch 2023 by Global Business Leaders
  • Top 10 Admired Leaders of 2023 by Industry Era
  • Most Innovative Image Technology Company 2023 by Corporate Vision
  • Recognized as the Absolute Top Performer for Its Excellent Leadership and Advanced Technology Development and Business

SeeDevice Inc., the fabless QMOS™ (Quantum effect CMOS) SWIR sensor developer, proudly announces its recognition of three awards, “20 Most Innovative Business Leaders to Watch 2023” by Global Business Leaders, “Top 10 Admired Leaders 2023” by Industry Era, and “Most Innovative Image Technology Company 2023” by Corporate Vision, which is a flourishing global media brand that influences and motivates the business community. These awards are known for their rigorous evaluation process by a panel based on standard multi-criteria decision analysis (MCDA) methods and peer nominations aligned with each publication’s demanding criteria.

“This acknowledgment is attributed to Dr. Kim’s leadership and technical prowess at SeeDevice, motivating the entire team to surpass technological development and expectations in response to evolving business environments,” said Sean Oh, Senior Vice President at SeeDevice.

SeeDevice’s technology was developed to extend the range of pure CMOS (complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor) sensors by leveraging two key concepts: plasmonic and quantum tunneling; to see beyond visible light into the short-wave infrared (SWIR) region while overcoming the excessive costs associated with exotic material-based SWIR sensors. 

SeeDevice offers high sensitivity, nanosecond integration time, scalability, and wide dynamic and spectral range (200-1650nm) to provide unmatched performance for clients’ needs spanning across biomedical, automotive, surveillance, agriculture, and consumer products like mobile phones and machine vision-enabled industry applications. 

“SeeDevice is revolutionizing the sensor industry by unlocking the untapped potential of SWIR technology. With our high sensitivity, nanosecond integration time, and wide spectral range, we are not only changing the landscape for industrial applications but also bringing affordable SWIR sensors to consumers. Having made breakthroughs with our non-invasive continuous glucose monitoring (NI-CGM) device, combining AI and machine learning technology with the expectation of achieving industry-leading accuracy will aid the world by providing an affordable solution for diabetics worldwide,” said Dr. Hoon Kim, SeeDevice founder and CEO.

SeeDevice has successfully developed an NI-CGM prototype device and is currently in clinical trials, with plans to enter the CGM market soon. 

About SeeDevice Inc. 

SeeDevice Inc. was founded in 2017 based on Dr. Hoon Kim’s 25+ years of experience in next-generation CMOS image sensors. With over 60 patents, See Device’s QMOS™ (Quantum effect CMOS) SWIR image sensor can send high-fidelity image data to AI vision systems and monitoring devices. QMOS™ delivers an industry-leading ultra-wide spectral range and among the highest infrared sensitivity by using innovative quantum pixel technology to advance CMOS image sensors. 

To learn more about SeeDevice Inc. and QMOS™ technology, please visit www.seedevice.com.

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