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Vessl, Inc. and Tempra Technology, Inc. Sign Agreement to Develop Innovative Packaging Solutions

by Ohio Digital News

Vessl, Inc. announced that it entered into a Development Agreement with Tempra Technology, Inc. whereby Vessl will adapt its patented Vessl® Technology to mix ingredients for use with Tempra’s patented self-heating packaging applications. The Development Agreement provides for Vessl to develop its technology in order to help Tempra deliver more efficient and cost-effective solutions for use with shelf stable meals, beverages, soups and other self-heating and self-cooling applications.

Vessl’s Founder & CEO Walter D. Apodaca, Jr. commented, “This agreement is a testament to our shared commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in packaging technology. We believe we can create solutions that not only meet but exceed the expectations of consumers and companies worldwide and propel the evolution of on-the-go thermal solutions.”

“Tempra is excited to work with Vessl on this project,” stated Barney J. Guarino, Founder & CEO of Tempra Technology. “Our self-heating and self-chilling technologies, when combined with Vessl’s innovative packaging solutions, undoubtedly will set new benchmarks for convenience, sustainability, and functionality in the industry.”

About Vessl, Inc.

Vessl, Inc. (www.vesslinc.com) is a privately-owned company based in Tempe, Arizona that is dedicated to breaking the disposable bottle paradigm and redefining eCommerce. Vessl, Inc. owns the worldwide, exclusive rights to the patented Vessl® closure and delivery device that powerfully infuses concentrated ingredients at the point of use. Storing concentrated ingredients in the oxygen-depleted, UV-protected, and pressurized closure maintains freshness and improves shelf life without the need for artificial preservatives.

Vessl offers its patented closure and delivery device for various third-party applications around the world, including its own brand, Tea of a Kind and third party applications such as The Glenlivet Twist and Mix Cocktails, and Artistry Signature Select by Amway. Potential applications include alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, cosmetics, household cleaning brands, and more.  Contact Daniel Montoya, Vessl’s COO, at (949) 678-7338 or daniel@vesslinc.com, for more information.

About Tempra

Tempra Technology, Inc. (www.tempratech.com) is a privately held research and applications development applications company based in Bradenton, Florida, which has developed and patented both self-cooling and self-heating technologies. Tempra Technology is a leader in the development of instant, self-heating and self-chilling packaging technology. Founded in 1992, Tempra has developed innovative packaging for food & beverage, medical, cosmetic, therapy, sports medicine, equestrian and other consumer product markets. Tempra’s self-heating technology is 100% safe, environmentally friendly for hand-held foods such as soups, beverages, pasta dishes and sauces. Tempra has also developed instant self-heating and self-chilling gel therapy packs along with a variety of thermal wraps. Additionally, Tempra was the first company to develop a completely functional, 100% safe, environmentally friendly self-chilling beverage can. All of Tempra’s packages are designed to provide instant, portable, safe, long-lasting thermal technologies anytime, anywhere. Contact Barney Guarino, CEO, at 941-345-4939 or bg@tempratech.com, for more information.

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