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ESAI Launches AI Tool for Deferred College Applicants

by Ohio Digital News

The first-of-its-kind AI tool offers an edge for students deferred from their dream schools with personalized assistance akin to that of a human admissions coach.

ESAI (pronounced [ES] + [AY] + [EYE]), the leading provider of affordable and ethical AI tools for college applicants, has launched its latest AI-powered tool designed to assist students in crafting compelling Letters of Continued Interest (LOCI) for their dream colleges. This new tool, part of ESAI’s suite of educational resources, offers a level of personalized assistance akin to that of a human admissions coach at a fraction of the cost.

As college admissions become increasingly competitive and deferrals become more common, ESAI’s Letter of Continued Interest Tool empowers students to effectively communicate their ongoing interest and recent accomplishments to admissions committees. This tool guides students in highlighting updates since their initial application, aligning their qualities with the target school’s programs, and passionately expressing their commitment to the school.

“Every student deserves a fair chance at their dream college. Our new LOCI tool is designed to give students that best shot, providing them with a cost-effective, yet highly personalized, way to enhance their application,” said Julia Dixon, Founder of ESAI. “We’re bridging the gap in higher education with AI, ensuring our platform aids students ethically, enhancing their storytelling skills in a manner similar to a human coach, without doing the work for them.”

ESAI stands at the forefront of the educational technology revolution, making higher education more accessible to students from all backgrounds. The platform’s suite of tools uses generative AI, trained by data from admissions officers, to help students create unique and effective personal narratives for college applications and beyond. The TikTok viral ESAI College Admissions Tool has already helped over 100,000 students tell their story. 

The new LOCI tool not only helps students to reaffirm their interest in their dream schools, but also encourages them to reflect upon and articulate their recent achievements and aspirations. This approach ensures that students are active participants in crafting their stories, adhering to the ethical use of AI in education.

“AI in education is not about replacing human effort; it’s about enhancing it. Our tools are designed to complement the hard work students put into their applications, giving them an edge in the highly competitive college admissions landscape,” added Dixon.

For more information about ESAI and its new Letter of Continued Interest tool, please visit www.esai.ai.

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