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Almas Insight Announces Strategic Partnership With Apeiron, Inc., a Prominent Network of HR Consultants and Practitioners

by Ohio Digital News

Almas Insight, a pioneer in integrating objective, human-driven data into workforce management, announces its latest partnership with Apeiron, Inc., a prominent network of expert HR consultants and practitioners. This collaboration marks a significant step forward in leveraging advanced analytics to empower organizations in selecting, retaining, and developing top-tier talent.

Almas’ proprietary analytics platform utilizes a game-based method to measure high-demand human skills and behaviors, helping organizations make more informed talent decisions. By leveraging Apeiron’s vetted network of cross-functional, experienced consultants, Almas’ integration enhances its capabilities with an added layer of expertise.

The synergistic partnership between the two companies creates a powerful alliance in the modern career marketplace. As HR departments evolve to support the modern business landscape, data-driven and agile solutions will be instrumental to achieving strategic, streamlined, and efficient talent decision-making. Apeiron offers a valuable implementation partner for Almas, providing a channel for its solution to reach organizations so the company can effectively address complex business challenges. Almas Insight provides essential talent analytics that aligns seamlessly with Apeiron’s focus on career management, career pathways, and business problem-solving. Together, the two companies create a symbiotic relationship that provides a fourth-generation talent solution for companies and ultimately elevates the capabilities of HR professionals.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with Apeiron, a company that shares our commitment to advance talent management with human-driven solutions,” said Rob Savette, CEO and co-founder of Almas Insight. “By combining our immersive, data-driven methodology with Apeiron’s expert consultants, we aim to provide organizations with unparalleled insights into their talent pool.”

“Apeiron is excited to partner with Almas Insights to provide our clients with a much-needed solution for data-based analytics that enables them to select, retain, and develop the talent that fuels their businesses,” said Kris Taylor, co-founder and co-president of Apeiron, Inc. “As talent becomes increasingly important, identifying the right people for the right seats ensures that each person can contribute their unique talents and provides a competitive advantage to businesses.”

About Almas Insight:

Almas Insight offers a cutting-edge approach to integrating objective human-driven data into the hiring and workforce management market. Through an immersive, game-based digital work sample, Almas helps organizations better understand workforce attrition and promotes better employee retention. By identifying high-performance individuals, streamlining reorganization efforts, and building more effective professional growth plans, our solution opens a new channel of understanding between employees and employers. Almas’ platform will help to accelerate the business world into a more informed, healthier, equitable, and sustainable future. 

About Apeiron:

Apeiron is a vetted, on-demand network of cross-functional, highly experienced consultants who provide clients access to top talent to tackle complex challenges. A dynamic platform offering opportunities for independent consultants and business leaders, Apeiron provides a vibrant network that fosters meaningful connections and business growth. The company specializes in assembling the right team and helping clients address their most intricate and cross-functional business challenges.

Source: Almas Insight

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