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JP McHale Pest Management Announces a Surge in Strategic Acquisitions, Marking a New Phase of Growth and Expansion for 2024

by Ohio Digital News

JP McHale Pest Management, a renowned leader in pest control solutions, has announced its significant growth throughout New York State in 2023 with the strategic acquisitions of three distinguished pest management companies. 

JP McHale successfully acquired Pest Shield Corporation, located in Suffern, NY (Rockland County) in May; Island Exterminating, Inc. of Long Island in July; and, most recently this month, JKM Pest Control Services LLC, serving the five boroughs in New York City. This marks the company’s continued expansion throughout the state of New York. These important acquisitions further solidify JP McHale’s position as an industry leader and a key player throughout the state of New York and underscores the company’s commitment to delivering innovative and sustainable pest control solutions.

JP McHale Pest Management is a partner of Anticimex, a global pest solutions industry leader serving more than 3 million customers worldwide in 20 countries. These acquisitions reflect the company’s mission and dedication to providing the most advanced and environmentally sensitive pest control solutions in the industry.

“This year’s acquisitions are extremely significant, signaling a new phase of growth in our company’s history. Of particular note is the acquisition of Pest Shield Corporation, facilitated by the AUST group, a key player in the industry. This strategic partnership between AUST and JP McHale highlights our commitment to working with industry experts to expand our capabilities and enhance our service offerings,” says James P. McHale, Jr., a Cornell entomologist and the CEO and President of JP McHale Pest Management.

He added, “Our team is thrilled to welcome Pest Shield Corporation, Island Exterminating, Inc., and JKM Pest Control Services LLC to the JP McHale family. We look forward to leveraging the expertise and experience of these companies and their talent to better serve our clients. Through each of our acquisitions and with each of our new service offerings, we remain steadfast in our commitment to providing innovative, sustainable, and effective pest control solutions while prioritizing customer satisfaction and environmental responsibility.”

 About JP McHale Pest Management

JP McHale Pest Management, LLC specializes in eliminating pests through biological and environmentally sensitive methods, including organic solutions and advanced remote technology options for residential and commercial properties. A partner of Anticimex, the 50-year-old family-run business is still headed by James P. McHale, Jr., a Cornell entomologist, and is recognized among the top 40 Pest Control companies in PCT’s annual nationwide ranking. For more information about JP McHale Pest Management, please visit www.nopests.com.

About Anticimex

Anticimex is a global pest control company integrating new technology and sustainable solutions for over 82 years. Anticimex employs around 4,500 people, serving more than 3 million customers worldwide. For more information, visit www.anticimex.com.

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