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SailPlan and Norsk Analyse Announce Innovative Partnership to Transform Maritime Emissions Monitoring

by Ohio Digital News

Direct Emissions and Fuel Efficiency Measurement Set to Revolutionize Industry Through Unique Software Hardware Combination

In a strategic move to redefine maritime emissions monitoring, SailPlan has partnered with Norsk Analyse to provide a comprehensive ‘plug and play’ solution that combines advanced sensor technology with real-time data analytics. This partnership creates a one-stop shopping experience for marine data needs, offering emissions-sensing solutions used by Fortune 500 companies to drive substantial environmental and fuel efficiency improvements. 

Jacob Ruytenbeek, CEO of SailPlan, elaborated on the significance of this partnership, “Our collaboration with Norsk Analyse integrates their leading sensor technology with our real-time emissions monitoring platform. This enables shipowners to measure emissions accurately and implement actionable sustainability and fuel-saving strategies. It’s about making data-driven environmental stewardship a practical reality for the maritime industry while helping them save money.”

Norsk Analyse is renowned for its expertise in analyzer technology and data analysis, which significantly enhances the ability of shipowners to measure their emissions with precision. This capability is vital for companies aiming to comply with increasing environmental regulations and to improve their operational efficiency.

SailPlan and Norsk Analyse’s combined efforts are setting new emissions monitoring standards. “By leveraging our advanced analytics and cloud-based system, we provide ship owners and operators with the insights needed to optimize their operations, save on fuel costs, and reduce their carbon footprint through precise real-time measurements,” added Ruytenbeek.

This partnership supports the maritime industry in meeting regulatory demands and helps businesses make informed decisions to enhance their environmental performance and profitability. By implementing this technology, companies are equipped to confidently face the future of maritime operations. 

About SailPlan:

SailPlan is an innovative leader in real-time maritime data solutions, specializing in technologies that enhance the collection, processing, and analysis of data to improve the efficiency, safety, and environmental footprint of marine operations.

For further information, please contact Patricia Roberts, Public Relations Manager, at patricia@sailplan.com.

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