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Renu Therapy Unveils the Cold Stoic 3.0: The Pinnacle of Cold Plunge Technology

by Ohio Digital News

Featuring Hot/Cold Water Functionality, Wifi App Control, and New Breath Deck Options

Renu Therapy, renowned for crafting the premier water immersion therapy tanks, proudly announces the launch of the Cold Stoic 3.0. This latest iteration represents a significant enhancement over the beloved Cold Stoic 2.0, further elevating the cold water immersion experience for our valued customers. With a suite of advanced features and upgrades, the Cold Stoic 3.0 sets a new standard for performance, convenience, and durability in cold plunge therapy.

Exciting New Features and Upgrades:

  • Dual Temperature Cold/Hot Water Control: C be set to bring the water temperature down to as low as 37F (2.7C) or as high as 104F (40C). Experience the flexibility of cold and hot water immersion, catering to a wide range of therapy needs.
  • Intuitive Touch Screen Interface: Customize your experience with user-friendly controls.
  • Remote App Functionality: Manage your settings from anywhere with our innovative app.
  • Enhanced Double Particle-Filtration System: Featuring an external filter for quick, straightforward changes and a larger secondary internal filter. The dual-stage setup helps maintain the highest water quality and extends the interval between filter changes.
  • Super-Durable Composite Wood Breath Deck Options: Achieve the aesthetic of natural wood without the upkeep. These composites resist moisture, mold, and sun, and are designed to last for years.
  • Upgraded Ventilation: Side and back vents provide easy access and are engineered to endure harsh weather conditions and provide easy access to the mechanics bay.
  • Insulated Cover with Child Safety Lock: Ensures protection and safety for the entire family.
  • Built-in Lighting: Enhance your immersion with ambient lighting.

Retained Signature Features:

  • Robust Commercial-Grade Construction: With superior insulation for optimal energy efficiency.
  • Versatile Breath Deck: Ideal for enhancing breathwork practices.
  • Discreet Mechanics Bay: Keeps electronics neatly concealed and protected.
  • High-Efficiency Chiller: Offering a broad temperature range for personalized comfort.
  • Industry-Leading 5-Year Limited Warranty: 5-Year Body Warranty + 1-Year Chiller Warranty

Priced at MSRP $10,699.99, the Cold Stoic 3.0 is not just a beautiful addition to your space; it’s a long-term investment in your health and the ambiance of your home or commercial environment.

Crafted with precision and care in the USA, the Cold Stoic 3.0 embodies Renu Therapy’s commitment to excellence. Featuring our patented Always Cold Always Clean technology and constructed with the finest materials, this tank has surpassed rigorous quality assurance tests. “The Cold Stoic 3.0 is virtually indestructible,” says Bill Bachand, Founder and CEO of Renu Therapy. “It’s built to endure.”

Customization options abound with the Cold Stoic 3.0, allowing clients to select from six base colors and a variety of breath-deck finishes, including natural wood and maintenance-free composites. Enhance your cold plunge experience with additional upgrade possibilities, each designed to cater to the unique preferences of our discerning clientele.

Ideal for any setting, whether at home or in a commercial space, indoors or outdoors, the Cold Stoic 3.0 represents a significant leap forward in health and wellness investment. “With our latest product we’ve distilled all our expertise, feedback, and dedication into creating the ultimate cold plunge tank,” Bachand remarks. “If cold water immersion therapy is essential to your routine, the Cold Stoic 3.0 will transform that experience into something truly extraordinary.”

About Renu Therapy

Renu Therapy is at the forefront of water immersion therapy innovation. Our products are designed, engineered, and assembled in the USA, ensuring the highest quality and performance. With the Cold Stoic 3.0, we continue our tradition of excellence, offering our customers the best in cold plunge therapy solutions.

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