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Meet FlexiHub 7.0 With QUIC Protocol Support for Better Security

by Ohio Digital News

Press Release

Jun 3, 2024 10:01 EDT

Electronic Team, Inc. releases version 7.0 of FlexiHub app with QUIC protocol support

FlexiHub 7.0 with QUIC

The newest version of FlexiHub has been released by Electronic Team, Inc., with most of the major changes being related to the addition of the QUIC network protocol. This positively affects the general performance of the app, including connection speed and stability when switching networks, as well as aiding in specific uses related to the protocol, such as connection over NAT.

QUIC-UDP – a Newer Network Protocol

QUIC is an acronym of “Quick UDP Internet Connections”. The protocol is newer than TCP by several decades, and some of the previous restrictions have been addressed by it. FlexiHub 7.0 uses QUIC with the intent to improve user experience in the areas of speed, latency, safety, and consistency.

Network Address Translation

With the use of QUIC, FlexiHub 7.0 is more compatible with NAT, making it useful for connections that involve the technology. A greater variety of networks can now be used to access and maintain USB and COM hardware. This adds unprecedented utility to the application since NAT is commonly used in private networks.

Significant FlexiHub 7.0 Features:

  • QUIC Support
  • Better ability to connect through NAT
  • Encryption of transferred data
  • General quickness and stability

FlexiHub 7.0 can now be downloaded. Previous version users can upgrade to take advantage of the additions.

More information about FlexiHub 7.0, its use, and capabilities can be found on the application’s website, https://www.flexihub.com/.

Source: Electronic Team, Inc.

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