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Angel Ai is Already Delivering Ai Benefits for Thousands of People Every Day

by Ohio Digital News

Going Beyond the Hype to Deliver 100% Trusted* Results, With More Features Coming From Celligence Financial Personel Assistant Angel Ai

It is Thursday in New Delhi, India, and Pavan Agarwal, the founder and CEO of Celligence, is getting ready for his fourth company and partner meeting in four days, having flown in from France where he was at the prestigious Viva Technology conference in Paris, the Cannes Film Festival and the Monaco Grand Prix. This travel aims to expand the Angel Ai message and brand while also showing his developers, his “Brillianeers” as he calls them, some love for all their hard work. 

“It’s their amazing work that has allowed us to deliver a financial personal assistant to hundreds of thousands of people already — and we are just getting started,” Agarwal said. “The amazing benefits from Ai allow us to deliver 100% trusted* on-demand housing and finance solutions. On June 24, we will launch Angel Ai’s next version, which will help repair credit, and we will be able to help even more people achieve fair lending.” 

Angel Ai doubled the number of conversations and users from Q4 2023 to Q1 2024 and is already 15% ahead of new accounts on Angel Ai in Q2. While there is a lot of hype around Ai, Agarwal and the Angel Ai team are delivering real-world customer benefits. “We are reducing processing times, improving accuracy, and providing an empathetic and democratized financial service and enhanced performance,” Agarwal emphasized. And more is coming in June with the launch of credit repair assistance. 

Agarwal won’t be in India for long. On Monday, he will be at the New York Stock Exchange attending the Fast Company Impact Summit where the theme is Ai and Social Impact. “Angel Ai is the definition of Ai creating a positive social impact. Angel Ai is already bringing together home buyers, Realtors®, and mortgage professionals, allowing for fast, efficient, and trustworthy execution of the home financing process. Beyond the immediate benefits of Angel Ai, we are solving for a bigger issue — fair lending for all. If we can get more financial resources to a broader group of people, we incentivize building more affordable housing. This creates a virtuous circle of doing good and creating good business for our industry,“ Agarwal said. 

Angel Ai’s growth is accelerating and with new features and functionality on the horizon, Agarwal’s vision of fair lending is light years ahead of the competition and has become a life-changing catalyst for aspiring homeowners.

About Celligence

Celligence International, LLC is one of the fastest-growing fin-tech and Ai companies. Celligence has engineered a novel A.I. that is evolving and self-generating neural cells that come together to solve complex problems. The Celligence Ai is deterministic, not merely generative, and it delivers 100% accurate and trustworthy responses, as is required for financial transactions.

At Celligence, a team of brilliant engineers (“Brillianeers”) is expanding the boundaries of the financial services industry through innovations in mobile applications, customer acquisition, retention algorithms, and AI-based process automation, continuously filing new patents supporting our technology. 

*Visit angelai.com/warranty for terms and limitations of the 100% Trusted Warranty.

Realtors® is a registered trademark of National Association of Realtors®. Celligence International, LLC. is not affiliated with any third parties mentioned in this news release.

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