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Solmar Hotels & Resorts Celebrates 50 Years of Luxury Hospitality Excellence

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Since 1974, Solmar Hotels & Resorts Has Built a Legacy of Luxury and Hospitality, Breathing New Life Into Los Cabos

Solmar Hotels & Resorts, a leading luxury hospitality group in Cabo San Lucas, is proud to announce its 50th anniversary celebration. Founded in 1974 by visionary entrepreneur Don Luis Bulnes, the group has become synonymous with luxury, exceptional service, and natural beauty. From its first property, the Solmar Hotel, to its most recent addition, Grand Solmar Pacific Dunes Golf and Spa, the group has established itself as a leader in the tourism industry of Baja California Sur.

“We are thrilled to commemorate this significant milestone in our company’s history,” said Mauricio Salicrup, Director of Operations. “For five decades, Solmar has been the pinnacle of excellence in hospitality, welcoming guests from around the world. Our success is owed to the dedication of our team, the loyalty of our guests, and the allure of Cabo San Lucas.” 

Solmar’s journey began in 1948 when Don Luis Bulnes moved from Asturias, Spain, to Cabo San Lucas, which was then a small village lacking basic services. After various investments, he began his hotel enterprise with the construction of the Solmar Hotel in 1972, opening in 1974 with 20 rooms and two suites. His innovative efforts spearheaded essential infrastructure development in the area, such as water, electricity, and connectivity, pivotal in transforming Los Cabos into the vibrant tourist destination it is today.

Throughout the years, the hospitality group has expanded to include six luxurious properties, including Grand Solmar Land’s End Resort & Spa, Grand Solmar Pacific Dunes Resort Golf & Spa, Grand Solmar The Residences, The Ridge at Playa Grande, Playa Grande Resort & Grand Spa, and Solmar Resort. Each property offers unparalleled luxury, world-class spas, gourmet dining, crystal-clear pools, and diverse activities, making them preferred destinations for travelers worldwide. Additionally, Grand Solmar Pacific Dunes Resort Golf & Spa is home to Solmar Golf Links, one of the biggest golf courses in Mexico and the Caribbean, offering unparalleled views of the Pacific Ocean.

In 2011, the group established its philanthropic arm, entitled the Solmar Foundation, aimed at supporting and empowering local communities through educational, social, and environmental initiatives. From scholarship programs to environmental conservation projects, the Foundation has made a lasting positive impact, highlighted by the unveiling of a statue in honor of Don Luis Bulnes in 2018 at Marina de Fundadores in Cabo San Lucas.

In 2021, Charo Bulnes, daughter of Don Luis Bulnes, took over leadership of the group. Under her tenure, Solmar Hotels and Resorts has employed over 2,000 community members and initiated renovation and expansion plans while maintaining her father’s vision. As Solmar Hotels & Resorts celebrates its 50th anniversary, it renews its commitment to leading the tourism industry in Los Cabos and offering unforgettable experiences that showcase the best of Baja California Sur.

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