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Hospitals Hurricane-Ready with Support from US Med-Equip

by Ohio Digital News

Hospitals along the Gulf Coast and Eastern Seaboard are intensifying their preparation efforts to ensure they’re ready for any patient surges during hurricane season. As storms threaten to test the resilience of healthcare facilities, US Med-Equip, a leading provider of medical equipment rentals, sales, and services, is helping clinicians across the country continue their vital work, no matter what the weather brings. 

With the increased frequency and severity of tropical storms, hospitals in hurricane-prone areas face the daunting task of ensuring they have sufficient medical equipment to handle potential surges in patient volume, power outages, and supply chain disruptions.

US Med-Equip is trusted by hospitals, in part, for its equipment rentals and team’s ability to respond quickly to urgent needs. The healthcare company has strategically located service centers and a vast inventory of medical equipment, including ventilators, infusion pumps, and patient monitors, ready for immediate deployment. This rapid response capability is crucial during hurricane season when hospitals may face sudden equipment shortages.

“Our goal is to support healthcare heroes who are on the front lines no matter the circumstances,” Greg Salario, CEO of US Med-Equip, said. “US Med-Equip was founded on the Gulf Coast, and for the past 20 years our team has helped hospital partners brace for hurricanes and supported them afterward so clinicians could focus on what they do best every day – save lives.” 

In addition to its extensive inventory, US Med-Equip offers flexible rental agreements that allow hospitals to scale up their resources quickly and cost-effectively. This flexibility is particularly beneficial in the face of unpredictable natural disasters, enabling hospitals to maintain high standards of care without the burden of high-capital or long-term commitments.

As hurricane season looms, US Med-Equip is also providing biomedical support services to ensure that hospitals’ rented and purchased equipment is maintained to the highest standards. The company’s certified technicians are on standby to perform on-site repairs and maintenance, ensuring hospitals can rely on their equipment when it’s needed most. 

About US Med-Equip 

US Med-Equip partners with top hospitals across the nation to provide the highest-quality movable medical equipment, beds and therapeutic surfaces for patients in their care. 

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