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Panoramic Health Elevates Kidney Care Innovation With Appointment of Dr. Navdeep Tangri as Senior Advisor for Panoramic Science

by Ohio Digital News

Renowned Nephrologist and Researcher Will Support Panoramic Health’s Efforts to Redefine the Standard of Kidney Care Through Novel Therapies

Building on its commitment to pioneering advancements in kidney care, Panoramic Health, the nation’s largest integrated nephrology practice network, proudly announces the appointment of Dr. Navdeep Tangri as Senior Advisor for Panoramic Science. This appointment marks a significant milestone for Panoramic Science following the establishment of its esteemed Scientific Advisory Board earlier this year. 

Dr. Tangri is an award-winning nephrologist, professor, and scientist, whose efforts in understanding chronic kidney disease (CKD) led to the development of the Kidney Failure Risk Equation (KFRE), used worldwide to predict the need for dialysis in patients with CKD. He is currently an attending physician and Professor in the Division of Nephrology, Department of Medicine and the Department of Community Health Sciences at the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg. 

“When Dr. Tangri and I started having regular conversations over a year ago, our clinical research business was nascent,” said Dr. Rajiv Poduval, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of Panoramic Health. “We have built considerable momentum since and are excited to have Nav be part of our journey. We’re incredibly fortunate to have him on board, and his expertise and passion for innovation will undoubtedly help us drive transformative advancements in kidney care in partnership with pharma sponsors, benefitting countless patients.”

Panoramic Science bridges the gap between clinical care and groundbreaking research. Through our vast network of integrated partner practices, we offer clinical research organizations and pharmaceutical sponsors a turnkey solution for executing Phase 2-4 regulated clinical trials for medications and devices awaiting FDA approval. Our partner providers have long-standing relationships with more than 300,000 patients, allowing for the rapid development and qualification of accurate patient eligibility lists with the ability to screen for co-morbid conditions. 

“My primary research interest revolves around improving outcomes for patients with chronic kidney disease, which dovetails nicely with the work that Panoramic Health is doing through Panoramic Science,” commented Dr. Navdeep Tangri. “I am excited to join the team as a Senior Advisor, and I look forward to seeing how our partnership can bring cutting-edge treatment options to kidney disease patients all over the globe.”

Panoramic Health is confident that Dr. Tangri’s appointment will further strengthen its position as a leader in kidney care innovation. By leveraging his expertise and insights, Panoramic Health is poised to accelerate the development of novel therapies and deliver impactful solutions to patients with kidney disease. To learn more about Panoramic Science, visit our website

About Panoramic Health

Panoramic Health is kidney care’s leading integrated provider group, with over 750 aligned providers across 19 states serving over 300,000 patients. We are committed to improving outcomes for patients by slowing disease progression and improving quality of life, keeping patients healthier, longer-at-home, and out of the hospital. At the core of our success lies the deep integration with partner nephrologists and the distinctive capabilities of our physician-led, comprehensive clinical care model. Through partnerships with practices, providers, payers, we work to advance the usage of clinical best practices and cutting-edge data analytics to improve outcomes across a continuum of reimbursement models. Panoramic Health’s Clinical Research division – Panoramic Science – collaborates with sponsors and clinical research organizations to pioneer cutting-edge treatments for patients with kidney disease. For more information about Panoramic Health and our commitment to transforming kidney care, please visit our website at panoramichealth.com.

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