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NAIFA Introduces Innovative ‘Caring Conversation’ Stencil in Collaboration With Asset-Map

by Ohio Digital News

The National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors (NAIFA) is excited to announce the launch of the “Caring Conversation” Stencil, a new tool developed by Carroll Golden, Executive Director of NAIFA’s Centers of Excellence. This revolutionary stencil is integrated into the Asset-Map software platform, enhancing the toolkit available to financial advisors. This innovation aims to provide advisors with the means to offer comprehensive financial planning solutions, encompassing short-term, long-term, and extended care scenarios. 

The “Caring Conversation” Stencil has been crafted with precision to assist advisors in mapping out all possible financial implications of caregiving scenarios. This tool allows for a more holistic approach to financial planning by addressing the specific needs related to caregiving, a critical aspect often overlooked in traditional financial planning processes.

Carroll Golden, the architect of the “Caring Conversation” Stencil and a prominent figure in caregiving financial planning, commented on the release, “With the growing need for specialized financial advice in the context of caregiving, it became essential to provide a tool that empowers advisors to address these unique challenges comprehensively. The “Caring Conversation” Stencil is designed to seamlessly integrate into the existing framework of Asset-Map’s software, ensuring that advisors can provide targeted guidance efficiently and effectively.”

Asset-Map, known for its innovative financial planning software, will now feature the “Caring Conversation” Stencil as a part of its platform. This inclusion aims to facilitate advisors in delivering personalized and precise financial planning strategies that account for the complexities of caregiving. The stencil enhances advisors’ ability to visualize and manage their clients’ financial landscapes, considering the potential financial impact of caregiving responsibilities.

H. Adam Holt, CEO of Asset-Map, expressed his enthusiasm about the collaboration: “Incorporating the ‘Caring Conversation’ Stencil into our platform aligns perfectly with our commitment to providing comprehensive tools for financial advisors and their clients. This tool not only adds a valuable dimension to our offerings but also reinforces our mission to equip advisors with the best resources to serve their clients effectively in every aspect of life planning.”

The “Caring Conversation” Stencil is now available to all users of the Asset-Map platform, ensuring that financial advisors across the board have access to this essential planning tool. This launch marks a significant step forward in the evolution of financial planning services, addressing the growing market need for specialized advice on caregiving financial strategies.

For more information on the “Caring Conversation” Stencil and how it can transform your financial planning approach, visit Asset-Map at https://www.asset-map.com

About Asset-Map

Asset-Map is a leading provider of financial planning tools designed to help advisors better understand and address their clients’ financial situations and goals. Known for its visually engaging and intuitive platform, Asset-Map simplifies complex financial data into clear, actionable insights. By integrating elements like the Caregiving Stencil, Asset-Map supports advisors in crafting personalized plans that consider every aspect of financial wellness, ensuring clients are well-prepared for the future. Founded by H. Adam Holt, a former financial advisor, Asset-Map is committed to enhancing the advisor-client relationship and improving financial outcomes for individuals and families.


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Source: The National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors

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