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MASS Group Attains Zebra Technologies’ Validation Certification for Its Premier Traceability Made Easy Software Solution

by Ohio Digital News

Traceability Made Easy® is now a Zebra Validated software, further elevating MASS Group’s commitment to delivering high-quality inventory and asset management solutions with seamless integration.

MASS Group, Inc., a leading provider of RFID-powered manufacturing and warehouse software solutions, announced that its flagship product, Traceability Made Easy® (TME®), was awarded as a Zebra validated software solution. The successful completion of Zebra’s Validation Testing Program confirms that all features of MASS Group’s TME® software work seamlessly with Zebra devices, providing superior end-user experience and reliably supporting mission-critical software systems.

The Zebra Validation Testing Program enables eligible channel partners to thoroughly test the interoperability of their software and hardware solutions with a range of Zebra devices, including mobile computers, scanners, printers, and other RFID-related hardware. 

In addition to bolstering the company’s reputation in the market, MASS Group’s rigorous efforts to establish TME® as a Zebra Validated software solution also opens new avenues in sales and marketing, extending their reach to a broader audience and facilitating access to new market segments.

“We are thrilled to empower the next generation of forward-thinking organizations that harness the capabilities of Zebra devices,” proclaims Chris Pickett, CEO at MASS Group. “This accomplishment reinforces our commitment to providing seamless cutting-edge software solutions while also minimizing deployment risks and time.”

Zebra Technologies’ official validation for TME® not only serves as a powerful differentiator in an increasingly competitive market but also reinforces the reliability and quality of their product offerings. It instills greater confidence among clients and partners, assuring them of MASS Group’s commitment to excellence and adherence to industry-leading standards.

About MASS Group
MASS Group is a leading provider of inventory and asset tracking solutions, offering cutting-edge technologies and innovative software solutions that enable businesses to streamline their operations and improve their bottom line. With a focus on user-friendly design and exceptional customer support, MASS Group has become a trusted partner for businesses of all sizes across a wide range of industries. Through its flagship Traceability Made Easy® software platform and advanced RFID mobile readers, MASS Group empowers its customers to track and manage their assets in real-time, improve their workflows and efficiency, and gain valuable insights into their operations. 

About Zebra Technologies
Zebra Technologies is a global leader in providing digital solutions that enable businesses to connect data, assets, and people. With a commitment to innovation, Zebra empowers organizations to enhance their performance, improve customer experiences, and drive operational efficiency. The Zebra Technologies’ Validated Program enables eligible channel partners to test the interoperability of their software solutions with select Zebra mobile computers, scanners, printers, RFID readers, payment systems, and mobility management software products, meet user application-specific needs, and reduce both the risk and the deployment time for the user.

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