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GovMint Announces New 2024 Spectacular Ultra-High Relief Bald Eagle Proofs by Renowned Designer Jody Clark

by Ohio Digital News

GovMint, one of the largest direct-to-consumer retailers of collectible coins, announces a new proof coin featuring a remarkable representation of the American Bald Eagle, the enduring emblem of American strength and liberty that has highlighted American numismatics since its first appearance on the 1794 Flowing Hair dollar.

These proofs feature an astonishing Ultra-High Relief design by British designer/engraver Jody Clark, one of the most sought-after coin designers in the world, noted for creating designs that are admired for their elegance and attention to detail. 

Clark’s reputation grew steadily once he joined The Royal Mint in 2012. There he became the youngest designer in TRM history—at age 33—to have his coin portrait of Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II chosen for circulating coinage, and he is also highly regarded for designing the popular Queen’s Beasts series. Today he is head designer at Britain’s Commonwealth Mint. 

Clark’s stunning interpretation here not only captivates with its visual appeal but also embodies the regal stature of the American Bald Eagle, symbolizing freedom and the enduring ideals of the United States. Each etched feather features various levels of mirroring and frosting that catch and reflect light, enhancing the depth of the design. Gripped firmly in the eagle’s talons is a symbolic rendering of arrows, strengthening the representation as a symbol of both defense and strength. The eagle’s beak is assertively open, emitting an air of authority. Clark’s obverse features the newer, palace-approved portrait of King Charles III. 

These pure gold and silver legal-tender proofs, certified perfect with special designations by the Numismatic Guaranty Company, were created exclusively for GovMint, including all distribution rights. 

Speaking about the challenge of creating this amazing bald eagle depiction, Designer Jody Clark said, “With this one, I started with sketches; in fact, I sketched like crazy until I was happy with the image in 2D form, then I moved on to the 3D sculpting. It was quite tricky actually because here the Bald Eagle is looking at and flying toward the viewer, and that brought some challenges to make sure the perspective and angles were right. Because the Commonwealth Mint has Ultra-High Relief capabilities, I accepted the challenge of pushing the head of the eagle out as far out from the coin as I could. On top of that, the bald eagle is an amazingly detailed animal, so I just got lost in the design for a week or so, creating feathers and sculpting each one individually. This was a fun one to do, and I’m very happy with the result.” 

Visit www.govmint.com/2024-jody-clark-bald-eagle-proofs for more information and to purchase.

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