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Dispatch Reveals Industry Insight: The Hidden Costs of Owning a Fleet

by Ohio Digital News

Dispatch reveals the real costs of traditional assets and releases a game-changing delivery alternative.

In today’s competitive market, businesses are constantly seeking ways to enhance customer experience while optimizing operational efficiency, cutting costs, and saving time. However, the lure of in-house delivery solutions often masks the hidden financial and logistical challenges that come with managing a fleet. 

Dispatch, the leader in last-mile delivery, is shedding light on these hidden costs and introducing a groundbreaking alternative to traditional first-party deliveries. In-house delivery solutions may initially appear attractive, promising brand control and personalized customer experiences. Yet, beneath the surface are substantial upfront investments, including vehicles, insurance, and licenses. Dispatch experts calculated the estimated upfront investment of five vehicles is $225K, not including hired drivers. According to FreightWaves, the estimated annual cost of operating a truck is $210K. 

In response to the hidden costs of owning a fleet, Dispatch releases Connect. This holistic delivery management solution fuels DaaS (Delivery as a Service), where businesses can manage daily delivery operations in one place. Connect can optimize existing fleets, helping to reduce costs and decrease time spent on daily route planning. Connect supports overflow orders with a national network of independent contractor drivers and courier partners. This solution efficiently routes, tracks, and manages in-house vehicles using sophisticated route optimization technology and predictive analytics to digitize the delivery process and eliminate manual tasks. 

Dispatch CEO and Co-Founder Andrew Leone underscores the importance of understanding the true costs associated with in-house delivery solutions. “While the idea of owning your own fleet may seem appealing, businesses must recognize the hidden financial and operational burdens that come with it. Dispatch is committed to providing innovative delivery solutions that alleviate these challenges and empower businesses to thrive in today’s economy.” 

For more information about Dispatch Connect, please contact the media representative at pr@dispatchit.com

About Dispatch: Dispatch is the leading B2B last-mile delivery platform, replacing traditional courier services by offering a suite of software solutions for any size business. Dispatch simplifies last-mile delivery with a network of independent contractor drivers, delivery management software, and API integrations. Dispatch currently operates in more than 75 U.S. markets. For additional information, visit www.dispatchit.com

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