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Global Customer Experience Management Firm, Eliant, Announces Winners of the 29th Annual HomeBuyers’ Choice Awards

by Ohio Digital News

Olson Homes and Chesmar Homes receive top honors with ‘The Eliant,’ and Dalia Diaz of Landsea Homes named Customer Experience Leader of the Year during Eliant’s 40th Anniversary Celebration

The winners of Eliant’s acclaimed 29th Annual HomeBuyers’ Choice Awards – held during the firm’s 40th Anniversary Celebration in Newport Beach, CA – were presented on April 11, 2024. Powered by Eliant’s best-in-class technology, reliable data, and actionable insights, award winners are selected based on the ratings, opinions, and experiences of more than 190,000 recent homebuyers from 225 major new home builders across the U.S. 

The top honor at the HomeBuyers’ Choice Awards, The Eliant, is presented to the highest-rated single-division home builders and the highest-rated multi-division home builders for the best overall purchase and ownership experience. This is based on customers’ ratings of key measures in the Eliant Home multi-stage survey series, captured at move-in, mid-year, and year-end. Olson Homes received this prestigious award in the single-division segment, and Chesmar Homes in the multi-division segment. 

Olson Homes, in addition to winning The Eliant (for the fifth time in a row!), was also honored with eight other awards, including five first-place wins for First Year Quality, First Year Customer Service Experience, and Best Customer Communication. Liza Guidotti and Matt Smelser of Olson Homes earned first place for Sales Representative of the Year and Customer Service Representative of the Year for medium-volume surveys, respectively. 

Chesmar Homes was honored with 13 awards, with seven awards recognizing individual reps for Sales Representative of the Year, Customer Service Representative of the Year, and Construction Representative of the Year. In addition to The Eliant, Chesmar Homes also received awards for Purchase Experience, First Year Quality, and First Year Customer Service Experience.

Dalia Diaz from Landsea Homes was named Customer Experience Leader of the Year, an accolade recognizing exceptional leadership in customer experience excellence across all qualifying builders.

The 2024 HomeBuyers’ Choice Awards was sponsored by Koru Risk Management (the exclusive Trophy Sponsor), as well as HomeHubbJWilliams StaffingCentury CommunitiesFirst American TitleShinn Builder PartnershipsKovach MarketingBuilder Media, and Impact Signs & Graphics LLC. For a complete list of winners and detailed selection criteria, visit Eliant.com/choice-awards/.

About Eliant 

Since 1984, Eliant has provided solutions for customer and employee delight by offering tools and guidance to homebuilders, developers, vendors, trades, lenders, and more, to deliver memorable experiences. Established as the original homebuyer survey company, Eliant has evolved into a full-service experience management firm and partner to the homebuilding industry. Powered by superior assessments and best-in-class technology, Eliant offers its clients reliable answers to their most critical homebuilding and home-buying questions. Headquartered in Aliso Viejo, CA, Eliant is the parent of the annual HomeBuyers’ Choice Awards, an arbiter of homebuyer satisfaction in the homebuilding industry. 

Source: Eliant, Inc.

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