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Orlando Credit Union Offers $250 Cash Back to New Members

by Ohio Digital News

Press Release

Apr 11, 2024 17:00 EDT

Today, Orlando Credit Union is giving $250 in cash payment benefits to new members when originating key products. “When new members join Orlando Credit Union, we thank them for their new membership and origination of an Orlando Credit Union Rewards Checking account combined with activation of an Orlando Credit Union credit card account by providing a cash back incentive payment. 

“People are being clear. They want a cash benefit provided in addition to our service excellence when joining and originating noted products. So, we are listening and now giving away $250 to everyone who establishes products based on the terms included with this offer,” said David Duncan, VP of Marketing for Orlando Credit Union. “Retailers have said for decades, ‘Give the lady what she wants.’ Here, we are committed to giving anyone what they may want, as in financial well-being and the benefits of membership from this place, Orlando Credit Union,” added Duncan. 

“To people seeking the bonus of $250 dollars from joining this cooperative, I say now is your time. Join us today, originate a Rewards Checking account with a combined Orlando Credit Union credit card, and receive $250 cash back to you. It is that simple,” noted David. See offer terms and conditions for related details and take the steps now to receiving your $250 cash back TODAY from Orlando Credit Union.

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