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Training Umbrella Signs Contract to Support One of the Largest Private Healthcare Providers in America

by Ohio Digital News

Press Release

Apr 9, 2024 09:00 CDT

Training Umbrella was able to grow during the pandemic and continues to grow post pandemic

Nurse Residency

A name that covers everything we offer. As a 100% Woman Owned small business that continues to grow, Training Umbrella recently signed a contract with the largest private healthcare provider in America for training and onboarding hospital staff such as RNs, CNAs, ICU, NICU, the lot. This company has been a client of for almost eight years renting classrooms. As of February 1st we have expanded the relationship significantly. 


With an influx of student training needs this healthcare provider thought about the long term, big picture — they are wanting something more permanent, private and with a new and improved process. Committing to a partnering with Training Umbrella to offer a more streamlined processes and the space to have classes. The Education Programs team have always offered a host of fantastic programs to new students and with this new partnership they continue to invest in these new nurses to provide exceptional care to their patience as they always have. It’s exciting to see new students graduate from such exceptional programs and Training Umbrella appreciates the opportunity to be a part of that. Training Umbrella offered not only the space but also helped to provide training logistics services.

Training Umbrella is providing training support services and space including two training rooms that fit 40+ people each with medical equipment and a dedicated simulation space and simulation patience rooms dedicated for their use. 


This new partnership has proven to be beneficial for everyone. Training Umbrella is so much more than just  classroom space across the country or even corporate training. As a Microsoft training partner and Google Training Partner along with a full stack of technical classes and HR compliance related training training classes. More than just rooms or training.  Just ask us.

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