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SGEi Welcomes Jim Frost as the Director of Business Development

by Ohio Digital News

SGEi, a global consulting and training company, is pleased to announce the appointment of Jim Frost as its new Director of Business Development. Frost will spearhead the company’s business development efforts in his new role, forging key relationships and driving growth opportunities across diverse industries for its core products. Frost has extensive experience building brands and driving business growth across different sectors. He has also recently been responsible for talent development and training facilitation at Wells Fargo, giving him a clear understanding of the SGEi core business. 

“We are very excited to welcome Jim to the team. His knowledge and experience in the training and facilitation space mean he understands companies’ challenges in developing skills and talent, especially around leadership. We believe he will add tremendous value to our clients and our business as a whole,” said Shane Green, President, SGEi.

As SGEi continues to focus on the learning experience space, Frost’s expertise will be instrumental in helping it grow globally while continuing to think locally and provide a customized approach to each client. 

About SGEi: SGEi is a consulting and training company that specializes in changing the mindset and elevating the habits of frontline staff, supervisors, and managers across multiple industries. Founded by the world-renowned speaker, author of Culture Hacker, and host of Travel Channel’s Resort Rescue Shane Green, SGEi has established itself as an international leader in service, sales, and leadership training and communications. SGEi partners with brands in the hospitality, automotive, sports, entertainment, retail, healthcare, financial services, and airline industries, designing and delivering learning experiences for classroom and online platforms. Contact us at connect@SGEinternational.com.

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