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Operation Storybook: Addressing the Challenges of Military Pet Boarding Through Storytelling and Support

by Ohio Digital News

Launching Operation Storybook, Dogs on Deployment addresses the soaring pet relocation costs impacting military families. The campaign features “Sometimes Love,” a children’s book that empathizes with military life challenges, aiming to raise awareness and funds for families navigating pet boarding during relocations and deployments.

Dogs on Deployment, a renowned non-profit organization focused on supporting military families and their pets, proudly announces the launch of Operation Storybook, a national campaign aligning with the Month of the Military Child. Amidst rising challenges for military families, particularly in pet boarding and relocation, Operation Storybook aims to raise awareness and provide necessary support through a unique storytelling initiative.

The Rising Challenge for Military Families

In a post-pandemic world, military families are increasingly burdened with soaring pet shipping costs, exacerbated by limited space on military flights for companion pets. This escalating financial pressure comes as a stark challenge for families relocating overseas, demanding immediate attention and support.

Introducing Operation Storybook

Operation Storybook is a dynamic campaign centered around Katrina Moore’s poignant children’s book “Sometimes Love,” which beautifully illustrates the emotional journey faced by military families. This story becomes a beacon of understanding and empathy, highlighting the unique experiences of military children and the crucial role of pets in their lives.

A Critical Time for Action

The urgency of the campaign is underscored by recent trends showing a staggering surge in pet travel costs, deeply impacting military families in transit. Dogs on Deployment steps in as a vital lifeline, providing over $543,560 in financial aid for pet relocation and fostering over 6,789 military pets to date. A highlight of this effort is the story of Lieutenant Taylor Rogers and his family, who, facing a difficult relocation, found a loving temporary home for their dog, Vince, through Dogs on Deployment.

Campaign Goals and Activities

Operation Storybook aims to:

  • Increase awareness of the challenges military families face regarding pet boarding and relocation.
  • Foster empathy and understanding through the powerful narrative of “Sometimes Love.”
  • Raise funds to support Dogs on Deployment’s mission in assisting military families with pet boarding and relocation expenses.

Participation and Support

To participate in Operation Storybook, individuals are encouraged to contribute $40 or more, receiving a copy of “Sometimes Love” as a token of appreciation. These donations are instrumental in enhancing Dogs on Deployment’s ability to continue supporting military families, ensuring they remain united with their pets.

Join the Movement

“Dogs on Deployment invites communities across the nation to join hands in supporting our military families during these challenging times. Operation Storybook is more than a campaign; it’s a movement towards empathy, understanding, and tangible support for those who sacrifice so much for our country,” states Alisa Sieber-Johnson, CEO of Dogs on Deployment.

For More Information

Visit the Operation Storybook Campaign Page (www.bit.ly/operationstorybook) for more information on how to participate and support this vital cause.

Source: Dogs on Deployment

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