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Intraprise Solutions and Level1Analytics Join Forces, Providing Advanced Valuation Software to the Banking Industry

by Ohio Digital News

Backed by experience and expertise in financial modeling, Level1Analytics and Intraprise Solutions deliver an established and scalable valuation platform for the banking industry

Intraprise Solutions, Inc. and Level1Analytics LLC are proud to announce that they have merged. Operating as Intraprise Solutions, Inc., the combined organization will offer Level1Analytics®, an affordable, accurate, market valuation and stress testing Software as a Service solution. 

This merger brings resources to bear that will improve the current Level1Analytics product to its most capable and scalable version. They look forward to combining their unique skill sets and experience in offering financial modeling capabilities to financial institutions of any size, allowing such institutions to maximally leverage their data in new and innovative ways. 

Offering 25+ years of experience and expertise, Intraprise, alongside their long-standing partnership with Level1Analytics, possesses a diverse set of skills well-suited to serve financial institutions, offering strategic advisory services, technical operations advising, cloud migration, and data & software engineering. Intraprise’s extensive domain knowledge will serve to support and facilitate growth within the Level1Analytics product. 

Providing timely, accurate, and affordable valuation software, Level1Analytics eagerly partners with Intraprise, taking the opportunity to enhance the Level1Analytics product, while continuing to offer their clients quick valuation turnaround time, data insights, reporting, and personalized service. Level1Analytics looks forward to the opportunity to expand their reach.  

“Valuation software requires in-depth understanding of finance and the capital markets, as well as the ability to continuously enhance the software to reflect emerging technology and regulatory and market demands,” said Dr. Thomas J. Healy, CMB, Chief Strategy Officer at Level1Analytics, “The merger of Level1Analytics and Intraprise accomplishes that.” 

Joe Brown, Intraprise’s Chief Executive Officer, shares, “We are excited to start this next chapter in our partnership, which began nearly 20 years ago. This merger will allow us to work more closely, driving innovation by combining Intraprise’s marketing and software engineering know-how with Level1Analytics’s subject matter expertise and industry-leading valuation technology. Together we will maximize business growth through an enhanced user experience.” 

The pairing of the two companies’ expertise provides an opportunity for advancement and growth of the Level1Analytics product. Delivering software and accompanying services that ensure clients’ needs are met efficiently, the Intraprise and Level1Analytics teams will together deploy valuation software that will enable financial organizations to compete effectively in today’s digital economy.

Source: Intraprise Solutions

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