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BEK TV Sportscasters Awarded for Play-by-Play

by Ohio Digital News

BEK TV is pleased to announce the outstanding recognition earned by three of its sportscasters at the Midwest Broadcast Journalists Association’s Eric Sevareid Awards ceremony. Held in Minneapolis, MN, on Saturday, April 6, 2024, the event celebrated excellence in regional broadcast journalism. 

Honored for their outstanding contributions to sports commentary in a small market are:

  • 1st Place – Chris Brintle – Sports Play-by-Play
  • Award of Merit – Dan Doherty – Sports Play-by-Play
  • Award of Merit – Brett Loftis – Sports Play-by-Play

With their exemplary play-by-play commentary, Brintle, Doherty, and Loftis have distinguished themselves among the industry’s finest, reflecting their unwavering commitment to delivering high-caliber sports coverage. BEK TV takes great pride in their achievements, underscoring our dedication to upholding standards of excellence in broadcasting.

Jordan Hassler, BEK TV’s Chief Operating Officer, says: “These awards highlight the incredible talent and dedication of our sports announcers. Their passion for the game shines through in every broadcast, and we’re immensely proud to see their hard work recognized on such a prestigious platform.” 

The Eric Sevareid Awards are named for the North Dakota-born and University of Minnesota-educated journalist best known for his work as a correspondent for CBS Radio and Television. Each year, the Midwest Broadcast Journalists Association presents awards to the best work done by broadcast news operations and journalists working in small, medium, and large markets in a six-state region on radio, television, and online. 

BEK TV has become the largest television broadcaster of high school and collegiate athletics in the region, broadcasting more than 400 live events each year. The BEK sports team has received recognition from all over the country for its achievements, including more than 30 Eric Sevareid awards, along with awards from the North Dakota High School Coaches Association and rural civic organizations.  

*(Photos Available Upon Request)

BEK TV is the only North Dakota-owned broadcasting company remaining in the state and produces more local content than any other television station. It broadcasts statewide on television and across the world via internet. BEK TV consists of content from both BEK Sports and BEK News. 

BEK TV is the largest television broadcaster of high school and collegiate athletics in the region, broadcasting nearly 400 live events each year.  BEK TV also is the state’s top producer of original news and opinion programming. 

The concept behind BEK’s news programming is to provide a media service platform that is unscripted and uncensored. BEK TV hosts are untrained broadcasters who share their perspectives and views on topics and issues that North Dakotans are talking about. The BEK network never controls the messaging.

BEK TV broadcasts on television and across the world via the internet. For more information, log onto bek.tv and bek.news.


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