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Exosens Adds Innovative Photon Counting System, LINCam, to Its Portfolio of Single Photon Sensitive Detectors

by Ohio Digital News

Exosens is pleased to announce a partnership with Photonscore, a provider of instrumentation for time-correlated single photon imaging. Through this partnership, Exosens will distribute LINCam, an innovative camera system with picosecond time resolution through their Photonis-branded scientific imaging product portfolio.

“We are delighted to partner with Photonscore and add LINCam to our scientific imaging solutions to our potential customers. LINCam is a breakthrough technology that enables fast and accurate time-resolved imaging for a variety of applications, such as biomedical research, material science, and quantum optics. LINCam complements our existing product line and combined will provide a unique value proposition.” – Ulrich Laupper, President and Executive General Manager of the Exosens Ultimate Detection Business Unit.

LINCam is an easy-to-use, event-based camera that counts photons at high rate with the picosecond time resolution combined with accurate position information. Paired with a pulsed light source, LINCam can turn any conventional microscope into a powerful lifetime imager.

The partnership between Exosens and Photonscore is supported by Photonis, a brand of Exosens, which provides a crucial component of the camera: the high-time resolution position-sensitive MCP-PMT detector. Photonis has optimized the MCP-PMT which allows for the best properties for LINCam performance by providing high quantum efficiency and low dark rate photocathodes in a broad spectral range and also by implementing high linearity and high gain MCPs to increase the dynamic operational range. As a result of Exosens and Photonscore’s close technical collaboration, the state-of-the-art high-time resolution single-photon camera LINCam becomes the optimal solution for widefield microscopy and other highly demanding applications. 

“At Photonscore we are excited to start a productive partnership with Exosens. Their knowledge and experience in the field of photon detection gave us a big leap in the quality and capability of our system. In particular, the outstanding technology of Hi-QE photocathodes and high-performance MCPs enables us to bring LINCam to the applications where we did not dare enter into before.” – Yury Prokazov, CEO, Photonscore GmbH


Photonscore GmbH specializes in simplifying single photon counting for its customers. The company’s primary product, the LINCam, is a single photon counting camera with a 100% fill-factor and minimal noise. The company is serving leading universities and research institutes across the world, reflecting the broad applicability of its technologies. Photonscore’s contributions to the field have been recognized with several awards. These include the 1st Prize in the Hugo-Junkers-Award 2017 for innovative applied research and nomination as a finalist in the German Innovation Award 2019. Photonscore is committed to advancing photon counting technology, striving to make it more accessible and effective for a wide range of applications.


Photonis is a leading brand of Exosens, a high-tech company with more than 85 years of experience in the innovation, development, manufacture, and sale of high-end electro-optical technologies used in the detection of ions, electrons, and photons. The Photonis brand portfolio offers photo-detection and low-light conditions imaging solutions for extremely demanding markets such as Defense & Security, Nuclear Safety, Life Science, and Industrial & Non-Destructive testing. Photonis is internationally recognized as a leading brand and a major innovator in its fields with production and R&D sites in Europe and North America.

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