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Esports.net Surpasses 25 Million Users

by Ohio Digital News

Esports.net is a leading platform for all things esports. Today, they’re proud to announce that the site has passed 25 million website users since its launch. After starting as a boutique site covering a few titles, Esports.net has grown to become a significant player in esports content with a dedicated team behind them.

The site was launched to bring fans together and provide comprehensive coverage of esports events, news and insights. Since then, Esports.net has become much more than that. Live event coverage has been a key focus in the past year and will continue in 2024. Fans can expect more exclusive interviews from players, talent and more. This year, Esports.net has also begun expanding into multimedia video content and community features so that their content is ready and available for all kinds of fans.

Alongside daily news coverage, there’s a significant focus on esports and gaming guides. Esports.net has continuously strived to provide the best experience for their expanding user base.

Director of Esports at Catena Media and a co-founder of Esports.net, Gianfranco Capozzi, says: “Reaching 25 million users is a landmark achievement that sets a new benchmark for our future endeavours. Our vision was to create a users-centric hub able to serve the esports community, offering stories, breaking news, and events coverage, but also a place where esports fans and gamers from all over the world could feel ‘at home’. We’re committed to looking ahead, and we have exciting plans for the future; I want to extend my sincere gratitude to all the great talents who have been a part of this journey!

Sophie McCarthy, Esports Content Specialist at Catena Media and Editor-in-Chief for Esports.net, says: “The dedication of our team has paid off. Hitting 25 million users is no small feat, and I’m so grateful to everyone who has contributed to this success. Passion is everything in esports and we have it in spades. Going forward, we’re planning to expand even further. We want to cover more games, attend more events and build the best community for our users.

As Esports.net continues to climb to new heights, the team is keeping their mission in mind: to provide the best quality coverage of the largest range of games from Counter-Strike to Fortnite, League of Legends to Dota 2 and more. Now that Esports.net is looking toward the future, they’ll build on past successes and expand their reach.

About Esports.net

Esports.net is a top destination for esports enthusiasts, with unique coverage of events, exclusive interviews, news, match analysis and more. With a team of esports experts, Esports.net is committed to producing more high-quality coverage of the top games. For more information, visit www.esports.net

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