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Campbell Law PC Shares What Homeowners Need to Know About Termite Threats This Swarm Season

by Ohio Digital News

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Apr 9, 2024 16:00 EDT

“Termite Tom” Campbell provides insights into termite swarm season and how homeowners can protect their property effectively from devastating termite damage.


With termite swarm season starting each spring, homeowners are on high alert to protect their homes, their greatest investment. Termite “swarmers” scout locations for new colonies in hotbed areas like Mobile, Alabama, and Gulfport, Mississippi. The Southeastern United States, particularly coastal communities around the Gulf of Mexico, experience devastating problems with Subterranean and Formosan termites. Some swarms of termites are so large, they can be tracked by the National Weather Service radar.

During this swarm season, Campbell Law PC, a law firm representing victims of pest control companies, and its founder, Tom Campbell, popularly known as “Termite Tom,” urge homeowners to be proactive when it comes to termite damage protection, and Tom highlights the effectiveness of a liquid chemical barrier in preventing termite invasion, which works almost 100% of the time if properly administered. Campbell says that small signs of termite damage often reveal much worse property damage hidden within a home. His law firm has been instrumental in helping homeowners recover claims when pest control companies fail to deliver on their promises. Campbell warns, “If you suspect your pest control company hasn’t protected your home from termite damage or has failed to disclose the full extent of the damage to your property, then don’t call them to come back into the very home they didn’t protect. Call another trusted pest control operator or reach out to an attorney with experience and proven success with termite damage claims.”

Termite companies often evade responsibility for substandard work by utilizing confusing contracts and intimidation tactics. Campbell Law PC, with over three decades, specializes in overriding unfair terms within termite contracts and maximizing damage claims for clients. The termite team has won more termite cases in arbitration than any other firm in America.

“Termite Tom” Campbell and the team at Campbell Law PC have built their entire practice around making victims of pest control fraud and termite damage whole again. With offices in Mobile and Birmingham, Alabama, Campbell Law PC has earned a national reputation helping homeowners and businesses recover.

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