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Benefact4 Unveils New Nonprofit Search and Charity Events Feature to Foster Community Engagement and Support

by Ohio Digital News

In National Volunteer Month, Nonprofits Can Now Engage With Individuals Committed to Making a Difference

Benefact4, the pioneering app to recognize and celebrate every act of kindness, today announced the launch of its new Charity Search and Events feature. This innovative addition gives charities and nonprofits unparalleled access to like-minded users and the ability to list events from volunteer opportunities to fundraisers, offering a dynamic way to connect with a targeted audience of giving- and volunteer-minded individuals.

Benefact4 offers users an additional platform to amplify and support the causes they care about as they log donations, volunteer hours, time spent training or mentoring, and other contributions. The app records the tangible impact of their generosity over time and connects users with a global community of givers to inspire others to contribute to causes they care about. Now, organizations can engage these users by sharing events for a nominal fee or opt for Featured Event placement on the app’s homepage for optimal visibility. Benefact4’s initiative aligns perfectly with its mission to nurture a community focused on kindness and giving.

“We are thrilled to introduce the Charity Search and Events feature, a significant step forward in our commitment to bridging the gap between charities seeking support and individuals eager to make a difference,” said Gail O’Rourke, founder, Benefact4. “By leveraging our platform, nonprofits can effectively reach out to those already engaged in philanthropic activities, ensuring their events receive the attention and participation they deserve.”

Benefact4’s recent launch offers free access to early sign-ups, termed “First Founders,” including individuals and nonprofits who join before May 1, 2024. Nonprofit early adopters also benefit from a complimentary feature article showcasing their initiatives on the company’s blog. The app’s latest addition caters specifically to the needs of charities and nonprofits, aiming to enhance visibility and support engagement. Its intuitive interface allows organizations to easily list events, foster community interaction, manage volunteer groups, and measure their activities’ impact, streamlining the process of organizing and participating in charitable events.

This launch signifies Benefact4’s ongoing dedication to enhancing user experience and its commitment to supporting the broader philanthropic ecosystem. By facilitating easier access to charity events and opportunities, Benefact4 hopes to inspire more acts of kindness, further amplifying the collective impact of its community.

For more information about the Charity Search and Events feature or to list an event, please visit www.benefact4.com and download the app today.

About Benefact4

Benefact4 is the first app designed to capture and celebrate every act of kindness. From monetary donations to volunteering, and mentoring, Benefact4 offers a comprehensive platform for individuals to track their philanthropic journey, inspire others, and witness the collective power of good. With its unique features and user-centric design, Benefact4 is at the forefront of fostering a global movement of kindness and generosity.

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