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Rimo3 Announces Updates for Facilitated UAT and Enhanced FlexApp One Support in New Ganges Release

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Rimo3, a leader in automated application readiness and modernization, is excited to announce the latest platform updates in its Ganges release. These updates introduce significant advancements, including the Facilitated User Acceptance Testing (UAT) now available in Private Preview and expanded support for the FlexApp One package format.  

Introducing Facilitated UAT in Private Preview 

Facilitated UAT represents a groundbreaking step forward, allowing customers to leverage their Rimo3 tenant to provision test environments more efficiently. These environments are specifically designed for conducting comprehensive functional UAT testing of applications. This feature enables users to connect remotely to a pre-installed application test environment, streamlining the UAT process.

The Facilitated UAT includes options for public IP address association, choice of environment type (Target or AVD OS), and email communication setup for users involved in the testing process.

“New features like facilitated UAT are helping IT administrators more quickly AND completely migrate their infrastructure and move workloads to modern tooling,” says Samit Halvadia, CTO of Rimo3. “Enterprises should be leveraging these disruptive migration projects to start embracing and incorporating automation into their standard operating procedures. This allows them to streamline their IT management practices for the future. This not only reduces costs but optimizes user productivity and improves security posture.”

Capture as FlexApp One: Expanding Package Modernization 

Rimo3 enhanced its support for the FlexApp One package format with the introduction of “Capture as FlexApp One.” This feature enables the modernization of various package types, including MSI, script, and user packages, into FlexApp One packages directly within the Rimo3 Cloud platform. These packages are generated with a trial license, with options for existing license integration for continuous use.

The Ganges release introduces the ability to import and reupload MSIX packages not originally created on the Rimo3 platform, supporting ongoing testing and remediation efforts.

Unified Tenant Settings for Streamlined Configuration

The Ganges update also brings a consolidated Tenant settings page, combining Smoke Test, General, and FlexApp One settings into a single, user-friendly interface. This consolidation simplifies the configuration process, allowing users to manage their settings more efficiently.

About Rimo3

Rimo3 was founded in 2019 to help enterprises with the biggest challenges managing their Windows application estate. It helps customers reduce time, cost, risk, and complexity from their day-to-day operations to their most strategic IT transformation projects through automation. Learn more at Rimo3.com.

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