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Back-Track Acquires Upstrem Technology and Management Team to Elevate eCommerce Customer Returns Recovery

by Ohio Digital News

Back-Track + Upstrem is addressing the two biggest challenges in the reverse logistics industry. 1) Efficient and detailed inspection of customer returns. 2) Maximizing the recovery for the retailer.

Back-Track, a subsidiary of BUYBOX, LLC, proudly announces its acquisition of Upstrem Holding Co., LLC, the creator of the recommerce industry’s leading Return and Resell technology solution. This strategic union combines Upstrem’s cutting-edge technology with Back-Track’s extensive operational recommerce expertise, creating an unparalleled synergy that ensures clients achieve optimal recovery in eCommerce customer returns. The combined management team represents an unprecedented recommerce experience.

Upstrem is renowned for its innovative technology solutions that streamline customer returns processing, boost efficiency and add value recovery in the recommerce sector. With this acquisition, Back-Track gains access to Upstrem’s advanced technology, empowering the company to offer comprehensive customer returns check-in and reselling services. This integration positions Back-Track as the industry’s premier solution provider for eCommerce customer returns recovery that maximizes operational efficiency for 3PLs and optimum revenue recovery for clients. 

“One of the biggest roadblocks to optimizing recovery for customer returns is the inspection and grading process. Once I discovered Upstrem’s highly intelligent returns inspection system that takes the process from many minutes down to seconds per a transaction, I was sold,” said Brandon Dupsky, Co-Founder and CEO of Back-Track. “I’m very excited to add Upstrem’s technology and talented team to Back-Track and soon we’ll be sharing these same advanced tools to warehouses across the world.”

“Building the greatest technical solution for customer returns processing and reselling, with my Upstrem colleagues, has been a privilege and so is the opportunity to now place this tool in the toolbox for Back-Track, which is led by visionary co-founders Brandon and Nestor,” said Bob Marino, CEO of Upstrem Holding Co., LLC. “My team and I are anxious to join the Back-Track team and become a part of their continued success.”

By harnessing Upstrem’s technology, Back-Track will enhance its capacity to deliver seamless returns management solutions, improving consumer outcomes and brand loyalty for our clients and driving profitability for businesses across diverse sectors. The acquisition of Upstrem’s technology and management assets reflects Back-Track’s commitment to innovation and delivering best-in-class solutions in e-commerce returns. We eagerly anticipate leveraging this integration to fuel our clients’ and stakeholders’ growth.

Back-Track is saving eCommerce by tackling the single biggest problem for online retailers: lost profits from customer returns. Leading the way to optimizing profit recovery with insanely fast customer returns inspection and check-in operations combined with the most dynamic and intelligent reselling capabilities designed to offer clients a top-down optimized profit recovery solution … automatically.

For more information about Back-Track and our expanded services, please visit back-track.com or contact Investor@back-track.com.


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