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Wild Mind Ales Expands Distribution of Its WLD WTR Hemp-Derived THC Beverages to Iowa, Nebraska, and South Dakota

by Ohio Digital News

WLD WTR, a pioneering brand in the hemp-derived THC beverage market, is thrilled to announce the expansion of its product distribution to Iowa, Nebraska, and South Dakota. This strategic move marks a significant milestone in WLD WTR’s mission to offer innovative and high-quality THC-infused beverages to a wider audience.

“Our expansion into these states is a testament to the growing demand for hemp-derived THC products and our commitment to meeting the needs of our consumers,” said Cameron Merritt, co-founder. “We’re excited to bring our unique and refreshing beverages to new markets and to be at the forefront of this rapidly evolving industry. We’ve been self-distributing to the Iowa market for the last 6-months to select accounts and have taken it as far as we can on our own.”

WLD WTR’s range of hemp-derived THC beverages is known for their exceptional taste, quality, and consistent dosing. Crafted with carefully sourced ingredients, these beverages offer a unique experience for both new and seasoned THC consumers. The product line includes a variety of flavors, each designed to provide a relaxing and enjoyable experience that combines the natural benefits of hemp with a delightful taste, providing consumers with a sophisticated and enjoyable low sugar and low carb alternative. The product is meticulously formulated to meet the highest standards of quality and consistency, ensuring a premium experience with every sip.

  • WLD WTR Apex: 10mg hemp-derived THC
  • WLD WTR Serenity: 10mg hemp-derived THC + 40mg CBD
  • WLD WTR Sota Pop: 25mg hemp-derived THC
  • WLD WTR Revival: 10mg hemp-derived THC + 80mg green caffeine
  • WLD WTR Infusions: 5mg hemp-derived THC
  • WLD WTR Clear: 10mg hemp-derived THC

The expansion into Iowa, Nebraska, and South Dakota is part of WLD WTR’s strategic plan to increase its footprint across the United States. The company is dedicated to providing safe, reliable, and enjoyable THC-infused products, while adhering to all state and federal regulations.

WLD WTR products are available in select retail locations in Iowa, Nebraska, and South Dakota now. Consumers are encouraged to visit the WLD WTR website for more information on product availability and retail locations. We invite consumers and retailers in these states to experience the next level of THC-infused beverages.

“We’re proud to be beverage leaders in the hemp-derived THC beverage market and are committed to continuing our innovation to meet the diverse preferences of our customers,” added Jason Sandquist, co-founder. “Our expansion into these states is just the beginning of our journey to bring WLD WTR to consumers nationwide.”

For more information about WLD WTR and its products, please visit wldwtr.com or follow us on social media at Instagram, Facebook or X.

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