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Stavis Seafoods Announces Transition in CFO Role

by Ohio Digital News

After 40 years with Stavis Seafoods, Mary Fleming will be stepping down as CFO of the Company as of June 28, 2024, to pursue other interests.

Mary’s career at Stavis began in 1984, in the accounting office. Mary started at the bottom of the ladder and worked her way up learning multiple tasks in the importing, accounting, and sales departments. After getting her MBA at Harvard Business School, Mary returned to Stavis in 1988 to manage the accounting office. In 1993, Mary took over as Sales Manager and remained in that position until late 2002. She was then promoted to the newly created position of CFO, where she has served for the past 22 years.

Stepping in for Mary is Mark Emmith, a seasoned financial executive with over two decades of CFO experience across diverse industries, including manufacturing, insurance, and food & beverage. Mark’s career exemplifies a commitment to excellence in accounting, finance management, and operations. His proficiency in mergers & acquisitions due diligence and his track record of achieving short and long-term benchmarks position him as a valuable addition to Stavis Seafoods.

Mark’s credentials include a B.S. in Business and an MBA with a concentration in taxation from Southern New Hampshire University. His leadership emphasizes staff mentoring, fostering professional growth, and cultivating cohesive teams.

Stavis Seafoods expresses profound gratitude to Mary Fleming for her decades of exemplary service, unwavering dedication, and invaluable contributions. The company extends its best wishes to Mary as she embarks on her next chapter.

About Stavis Seafoods:
Stavis Seafoods is a premier provider of seafood products in the New England seafood industry since 1929. Stavis’ rich heritage and global reach has positioned the company as a leader in the seafood industry, offering an extensive range of fresh and frozen seafood products sourced from the world’s finest fisheries. 

Stavis Seafoods LLC is owned by Profand Group, a multinational fishing and seafood company based in Spain with more than 3,000 employees and business operations in Europe, USA, Asia, South America, and Africa. Profand markets around 120,000 tons of fish per year, owns 13 processing plants, 11 aquaculture facilities and 24 fishing vessels operating globally. 

Profand Group’s North America branch, Profand USA, manages all US-based subsidiary companies, including Stavis Seafoods LLC., Seafreeze Ltd., and Worldwide Perishables Enterprises, LLC. Profand Group is vertically integrated from fishing and aquaculture to the processing and distribution of fish, cephalopods, and crustaceans. 

Profand also has a strong commitment to sustainability. Through its strategy Profand 4 Future, Profand develops its green visions for a blue future: contributions to community development, conservation and ecosystems, protection and respect of human labor rights, compliance, and good governance.

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