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Carepool Makes Rideshare Traction in the Twin Cities for Aging Adults and People With Disabilties

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Carepool makes rideshare traction in the Twin Cities by acquiring Mobility4All. All of the current riders have had a smooth transition and will now enjoy expanded business hours (6 a.m.-12 a.m. to start). Carepool will start providing rideshare services on Monday, April 8. 

Carepool was founded in Madison, Wisconsin, in 2018 by CEO Josh Massey, specializing in providing rideshare services to aging and disabled adults.

Massey has purchased the Twin Cities-based Mobility4All accessible ride service. Its motto is: Providing hand-to-hand and door-thru-door trips for people who want or need a higher level of care. This fits Carepool’s philosophy while adding more technology in the process, like real-time text messaging. With the purchase of Mobility4All, Carepool will be providing rideshare services in eight states.

Mobility4All’s customers are able to use Carepool immediately with no lapse in services. Riders will be able to call and book their rides as they have, with the ability to book through the web app. Carepool created rideshare-like technology with the State of Wisconsin’s health and human services departments, focusing on the needs for people with disabilities and older adults. Its model solved rural and wheelchair transportation gaps. 

“As I spoke with someone from the State of Wisconsin about having a rideshare service in this space, I thought adding an ‘e’ to the word ‘carpool’ seemed to fit well for company’s name,” Massey said. “At Carepool, we truly care.”

Massey’s inspiration to start a rideshare company came when he lived in Chicago and owned a technology consulting company. Rideshare was a game changer, but some experiences were much better than others. Massey envisioned a way to expand the technology with caring drivers across the Midwest. Rideshare would help aging adults and passengers with special needs, including his grandmother who lived in rural Wisconsin and faced challenges visiting his grandfather in a memory care facility.

“It hit close to home when I heard my 90-year-old grandmother was on Medicaid and taking long bus rides to see my grandfather for an hour, making for seven exhausting hours of travel,” Massey said. “I thought, why can’t we tweak the rideshare model to also serve those in rural and suburban areas?” 

What sets Carepool apart is its software platform that allows for recurring rides, designed to sync directly to drivers’ calendars and with Medicaid/Medicare programs and insurance payers, as well as hospital systems, offering “door-through-door service.” Passengers’ special needs are saved to their profile so drivers will know how to handle each customer’s unique situation. 

Carepool’s drivers are able to assist customers inside their home or medical facility with getting into the rideshare vehicle. Carepool’s pay rates provide more earning power for its drivers, which includes a set customer pickup rate and 2x more per mile compared to other rideshares in the Twin Cities area.

“Helping others, making a livable wage and having that caring profile is what really matters for Carepool,” Massey added.

Customers can call Carepool at 1-833-268-2688 to order services or go to www.carepool.us/riders to log into the app and order rides. Drivers can go to www.carepool.us/drivers for more information about how to apply. 

Watch Laura’s testimonial video and find out why she’s happy with Carepool’s Rideshare services. 

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