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Angeline Pompei Releases Vocabulary Word Search Book for Portuguese Speakers

by Ohio Digital News

New ‘Learn English Fast’ bilingual book engages Portuguese-speaking adults through activity-based methods.

Language-learning innovator Angeline Pompei is pleased to announce a new ESL book in her Learn English Fast® series, a Portuguese edition featuring vocabulary word searches for Portuguese speakers. The line-by-line translation book, one line in English and the next in Portuguese, allows adults to learn English vocabulary through word search activities. 

Angeline Pompei is the creator behind the Learn English Fast® brand, continuing her goal to release new books with instructional materials designed uniquely for adult learners. The new Portuguese book underscores her comprehensive approach to infusing English learning into everyday leisure activities. Pompei’s first book in the series is a songbook encouraging people to embrace learning English through music. 

The vocabulary word search book helps transform the way Portuguese-speaking adults learn English. Guided by Pompei’s pedagogical method, the book makes learning English an engaging and fun activity rather than a tedious task. A learner develops spelling skills when searching for words and memory retention by repetitively spelling the words, audibly or internally.  

“I created Learn English Fast® to share what worked for me, and my books allow me to share it with the other-speaking world more easily than ever,” said Angeline Pompei. “Now, native Portuguese speakers can use my new book as an effective way to learn English.” 

The Learn English Fast® Portuguese edition incorporates learning English through practical interaction in a way that integrates someone’s leisure time, making the process less daunting for adult learners who find it challenging to learn a language. Through its uniquely crafted resources, the series of books offers a transformational change to the traditional way of learning English, reflecting Angeline Pompei’s foundational principle of crafting interactive and fun learning experiences.  

“A person can have more opportunities for a job by learning English,” she said. “Anyone with a business can sell products online and offer services to people in other countries. Learning English helps people change their and their family’s future. That is a big reason I created Learn English Fast®, to help people have better lives.”  

Angeline Pompei’s complete bilingual book series is now already available in English/Spanish, English/French, English/Polish, English/Italian, and English/Portuguese.   

To learn more about Learn English Fast®, visit Angeline Pompei’s website at https://learnenglishfast.com.  

About Angeline 
Angeline Pompei is a recording artist, entrepreneur, and adult language learner with a degree in aerospace engineering and a TELF certification to teach English internationally as a second language. Founder and CEO of Angeline Authentic, she created the Learn English Fast® system for people to learn English as a second language. Learn English Fast® comprises Angeline Pompei’s unique series of line-by-line bilingual books for learning languages, including Spanish, French, Italian, and Polish. She is also an artist with an album, “Verbiage,” that teaches grammar, vocabulary, and verb conjugation through music. Her songbook that goes along with her album, “Verbiage,” is also available for German and Japanese speakers. 

Angeline Pompei, an entrepreneur with 20 years of experience in skincare and skincare marketing, is most proud of her skincare books, which include her 3D anti-aging formula to maintain youthful skin. A multi-faceted individual, she uses all her experience to teach adults English through interest-based learning, bilingual materials, and music. All Learn English Fast® resources are available on Amazon, and her music is on major streaming platforms. Her songbook is available on Amazon and in a free PDF on her website. 

Source: Angeline Authentic

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