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Upright Education and Edmonds College Join Forces to Propel Tech Skilling for Washington Adults

by Ohio Digital News

Upright Education is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Edmonds College to offer high-quality tech bootcamps that empower adults in Washington to successfully pivot into the tech industry, in fields such as UX/UI Design and Digital Marketing.

This partnership comes at a crucial time when the tech labor market in Washington and surrounding areas is experiencing substantial growth. By combining Upright’s expertise in hands-on, industry-relevant training with Edmonds College’s commitment to economic mobility and workforce development, this collaboration aims to help address the skills gap for adults and meet the tech labor need across industries. 

“We are excited to expand our impact in Washington through this partnership with Edmonds College,” said Benny Boas, CEO at Upright Education. “These programs will help create strong career pathways for individuals to enter and excel in the thriving tech landscape.”

Upright’s bootcamps are designed to be outcomes-focused – students are required to attend three weekly live sessions each week with experienced practitioners. This synchronous component allows students to actively engage in projects, assessments, and receive personalized support, fostering a dynamic and effective learning environment.

Jake Slade, Director of the Continuing Education department at Edmonds College, states, “We are excited to add these new options for learners throughout Washington state and beyond. This focus on expedited bootcamp- style education is crafted specifically for the learner looking for options to ‘upskill’ and become more marketable in an extremely competitive job market. This partnership is a testament to Edmonds College’s commitment to providing options for all learners, regardless of their goals and how much time they have to commit to professional development.”

For more information about bootcamp offerings, visit the Edmonds College program page or Upright Education.

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