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RS&H EVP, Construction Management Leader Doug Geiger Set to Retire in October; Kirk Fauri Named as Successor

by Ohio Digital News

After four decades of leadership, RS&H Executive Vice President and Construction Management National Operations Leader Doug Geiger, PE, has announced his retirement in October. After a thorough search spanning several months, RS&H is pleased to announce Kirk Fauri, PE, as the new Construction Management National Operations Leader.

Geiger began his career at RS&H in 1984, working on construction, engineering, and inspection (CE&I) projects throughout Florida. He consistently rose through the ranks to become a cornerstone of the organization. As Construction Management National Operations Leader, Geiger played a pivotal role in shaping RS&H’s trajectory, overseeing and executing numerous projects with the various departments of transportation nationwide. 

Geiger has held several roles in the American Council of Engineering Companies of Florida, including serving as the first Transportation Committee Chair. He also supported the development of a new direction on post-tension structures for the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) and the American Segmental Bridge Institute. Geiger is a past recipient of the Ben Watts Partnership Award, a prestigious award honoring individuals who significantly contributed to the ongoing effective partnership between FDOT and the consulting community. 

“My time at RS&H has been nothing short of a privilege,” said Geiger. “Over 40 years, I’ve witnessed the transformative power of our work firsthand. It’s been an honor to contribute to RS&H’s mission of building a better, more connected future, and I’m excited to see what lies ahead for the firm.”

Fauri brings with him a 20-year career with RS&H that began in Jacksonville. Since moving to Texas in 2012, Fauri has led the growth of RS&H’s construction management team from four to more than 90 associates in the state. His deep understanding of the construction industry, proven technical skills, strong client management capabilities, and successful experience growing a region were vital considerations in this selection.

“I’m incredibly excited to take on the role of Construction Management National Operations Leader, and I have deep respect for Doug’s legacy as much of my career at RS&H has been during his tenure as National Operations Leader,” said Fauri. “I feel Doug’s years of dedication to the construction management business unit have set the standard in our industry. I’m eager to continue the tradition of excellence as we begin this next chapter for RS&H.”

As RS&H begins this new chapter, the executive leadership team reflected on the positive impact that Geiger leaves behind and looks forward to RS&H’s continued success and growth under Fauri’s leadership.

“Doug [Geiger] has been a true partner in RS&H’s evolution during his tenure, and we look forward to celebrating and acknowledging his career and impacts on the firm,” said RS&H Chief Operating Officer Lisa Robert, PE. “We welcome Kirk [Fauri] into his new role as Construction Management National Operations Leader, as he will undoubtedly propel RS&H to new heights and continue making a positive impact on our communities.”

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