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Merge Unveils Bold Rebrand From Barney, Cementing Its Leadership in a Booming M&A Market

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Merge emerges with a new identity, setting the stage for innovation in the M&A sector. With a successful track record of over 200 agency transactions, the New York-based firm is poised to redefine agency acquisitions. Amidst a booming market for agency transactions, Merge promises enhanced service and strategic partnerships under its reimagined brand.

Merge, a vanguard in the M&A industry specializing in agency acquisitions, formerly known as Barney, proudly announces a significant evolution in its brand identity. Based in New York City and boasting a dedicated team of 35 professionals, Merge is reshaping the future of M&A under the leadership of entrepreneur Amanda Dixon. In the past year alone, Merge has worked with over 200 agency founders, providing unparalleled valuation and representation through the acquisition process.

Amanda Dixon founded Merge to address a gap she identified in the market through her own exit experience — the need for an M&A firm adept at valuing businesses without tangible assets, connecting with a national buyer pool specialized in agencies, and harnessing technology for efficiency. With a mission to disrupt the traditional M&A model, Merge stands at the forefront of the industry, embracing a strategy that sets new standards.

Revolutionizing With a Rebrand

Merge’s comprehensive rebrand transcends a mere change of name; it signifies a deep-seated commitment to innovation, excellence, and strategic foresight. “We’re not just navigating the world of agency acquisitions — we’re rewriting the rulebook,” declares Dixon, reflecting on the ethos driving the firm. This transformation embodies an ambitious step towards influencing market dynamics and ensuring the firm’s identity and operations mirror the cutting-edge solutions it delivers.

Navigating a Flourishing Market

The current climate for small to mid-sized agency transactions is witnessing a remarkable upswing, fueled by steadying interest rates and increased market certainty. Agencies are experiencing robust growth, attracting a surge of interest from buyers eager to capitalize on this momentum. Merge is uniquely positioned to facilitate these opportunities, leveraging its expertise and innovative approach to meet the rising demand.

Elevating Service and Expertise

For clients of Merge, the rebrand represents a continuation and enhancement of the exceptional service and expertise they have come to expect. “This rebrand is not just about our outward appearance but aligning our brand more closely with the groundbreaking work we undertake and the values we embody,” Dixon emphasizes. Clients can look forward to even greater levels of support and success, driven by the firm’s foundational principles and its dynamic new identity.

Acknowledging Community and Looking Forward

As Merge steps into this thrilling new chapter, it extends heartfelt thanks to its clients, partners, and the community for their unwavering support. “Thank you for being a part of our journey. Together, we continue to break new ground,” Dixon shares. With a brand that reflects its shared vision and the transformative impact it seeks to create, Merge is excited to lead its clients and the industry towards a prosperous future.

About Merge

Based in New York City, Merge is a trailblazing M&A firm with a focus on agency acquisitions. With a team of 35 experienced professionals, Merge is committed to modernizing the M&A process, serving over 200 agency founders last year alone. By valuing businesses without tangible assets, accessing a nationwide buyer pool, and utilizing advanced technology, Merge is dedicated to delivering outstanding service and innovative solutions in a thriving market.

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