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Homeworld Franchise Comes to Virtual Reality for the First Time With ‘Homeworld: Vast Reaches’, a New Game Arriving in 2024

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FarBridge, Inc., a leading game development studio, in partnership with Gearbox Entertainment, is excited to announce Homeworld: Vast Reaches, a bold new story in the beloved Homeworld saga that reimagines strategic space battles for Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality. This new game in the Homeworld universe is launching on the Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest 3 headsets later this year. Players can now wishlist the game at HomeworldVastReaches.com

In the award-winning Homeworld games for PC, you play as Fleet Command, a human commander who controls a fleet of spaceships. Players will take on the same role in Homeworld: Vast Reaches in vicious combat against a mysterious new foe. 

“We’ve taken care to make a new experience that both Homeworld and strategy game fans will enjoy,” said Richard Rouse III, Studio Creative Director at FarBridge. “It’s been an honor to take the amazing space battles and unique characters of Homeworld and let people play in an entirely new way with virtual and mixed reality.”

Famous for completely three-dimensional combat encounters and environments in deep space, the Homeworld makes for the perfect setting for a VR/MR game, letting players view the action from any angle and drag-and-drop their ships into formations for combat. Homeworld: Vast Reaches also takes it one step further with immersive 3D battles the size of a player’s room or instantly scaled-down to fit on a tabletop.

“Our studio is thrilled to add a new chapter to the Homeworld storyline. Our partners at Gearbox have been an absolute pleasure to work with – their passion for games and especially for Homeworld has been an inspiration to us,” said Patrick Curry, CEO of FarBridge.

FarBridge was founded in 2017 by veteran game and film industry executives with a mission to bring people into one-of-a-kind virtual worlds. Homeworld: Vast Reaches represents a unique collaboration, where FarBridge has partnered with Gearbox Entertainment to bring this beloved universe to players in an all-new way. FarBridge will handle development and publishing responsibilities and collaborate closely with Gearbox Entertainment, who are focused closely on ensuring the game’s story, characters and lore remain true to the beloved franchise.

“We can’t wait for the community to get their hands on Homeworld: Vast Reaches and finally feel what it’s like to become Fleet Command,” said Erica Hollinshead Stead, Sr. Director of Licensing and Business Development at Gearbox Entertainment. “VR brings a new dimension to the strategy gameplay of Homeworld, and I am excited for the community to be literally immersed in the vast universe it offers.”

Homeworld: Vast Reaches is now available for wishlisting on the Meta Store. 

Fleet Control Is in Your Hands


About Homeworld:

The original Homeworld was developed by Relic Entertainment and launched in September of 1999 to critical success, winning over 50 awards including Game of the Year and was credited with popularizing the 3D real-time strategy genre. In 2013, the rights to the Homeworld IP were purchased by Gearbox Entertainment. In 2015 Homeworld Remastered Collection, consisting of the original Homeworld and Homeworld 2, was released reviving the franchise for series fans and newcomers alike. A prequel to HomeworldHomeworld: Deserts of Kharak, was released a year later allowing players the opportunity to walk in Rachel S’jet’s shoes and live the discovery of Khar-Toba, the home to the Guidestone that kicked off the saga in HomeworldHomeworld 3, which takes place 100 years after the events of Homeworld 2, is set to launch on May 13, 2024, for PC on Steam and Epic Games Store.

About FarBridge:

FarBridge develops new games and intellectual properties for all major game platforms, and has shipped over a dozen games and experiences for VR, AR, PC, mobile, and console. FarBridge’s seasoned team of creative developers is passionate about telling stories and making worlds you can get lost in. For more information about FarBridge, their work, and opportunities to join their team, visit farbridge.com.

About Gearbox Entertainment Company:

The Gearbox Entertainment Company, LLC is an award-winning, creator and distributor of transmedia entertainment. Gearbox Entertainment has become widely known for successful game franchises, as well as acquired properties Duke Nukem and Homeworld, which it distributes across the world. Gearbox Entertainment is composed of four subsidiaries: Gearbox Software, Gearbox Publishing, Gearbox Studio, and Gearbox Properties. Gearbox Software, founded in 1999 by a team of industry veterans, is headquartered in Frisco, Texas, and is known around the world for developing hit video games and franchises like Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, Brothers in Arms, and Borderlands. Gearbox Publishing was established in 2016 with the goal of helping developers around the world bring their products to market while retaining their unique creative visions. Gearbox Studios was formed in 2022 and creates cutting-edge transmedia opportunities including the upcoming movies based on Borderlands and Duke Nukem, and the series based on Brothers in Arms. Gearbox Properties was founded in 2022 to manage Gearbox’s wide variety of intellectual property across all products, mediums, and merchandise categories.

The Gearbox Entertainment Company is a proud member of the Embracer Group AB family of companies. For more information, visit www.Gearbox.com.


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